Best five Indian Women World Cup athletes


In the ICC Women’s World Cup 2022, Indians had a close game against England, who won by 4 wickets and a major failure against Australia that led to its elimination from the grounds. Nevertheless, the women’s team received many praises for their ultimate performances in the WC 2022. Even after not being able to qualify for the Semi-finals, the Indian team won many hearts playing intently overall, carrying the positive outcomes of the battle making them the best women players of 2022 World Cup players as follows: 

  • Harmanpreet Kaur

Harmanpreet Kaur raised a few questions about her lack of form in the start of the tournament. Her fans started reconsidering her position as a batswoman. However, Harman powered up, scoring an incredible 109 off 107 balls against the West Indies team, and an even bigger win against the Aussies. Disheartened that India did not make it into the semi’s, Harman’s gig was appreciated nonetheless.

  • Smriti Mandhana 

Considered a jewel in today’s World Cup, Smriti Mandhana had an amazing season twice in a row. Although she wasn’t at the top of the team, she played some wonderful knocks bringing the overall score to 256. She scored a century against the West Indies and a big fifty against both Pakistan and South Africa. Indian cricket critics have idealised Mandhana to be one of the most talented players on the field. Her bowling skills are putting the rest of the world on a back foot, fearing Smriti’s play against them. 

  • Yastika Bhatia 

Yastika Bhatia is a big name in the WC since she made an entrance in the national team XI. Even after missing out on the very first playoff, she dominated the game with her batting positions. Her flexible form allows other players to have a consistent ground to stand on. Bhatia both opened and played at No. 3 at the World Cup, scoring huge fivers against Bangladesh and Australia. While her immense strategies failed against the English in the brutal match that got her a single digit score. 

  • Pooja Vastrakar

Appraised as a centrepiece of the team World Cup, Pooja Vastrakar isn’t just a bowling maestro but she even finishes as a batting legend. She is also credited with throwing the death overs in the game, deciding her crucial role in the league. Vastrakar has acquired ten wickets and half a century in WC 2022. She can be authorised with the game-changing-all-rounder tag. 

  • Sneh Rana 

Sneh Rana has primarily made it on the best women players’ team, with the side of an off-spin choice. She was accredited with the bowling strategies of the tournament, though she performed well with the bat when called upon. Rana’s total was 101 in the league, although her bowling skills got India into the top batting line ups. 


We celebrate the women’s cricket team with all pride and delight. The Indian team has shown potential in the recent WC and will continue to do so in the future. With such gratification and determination, India will surely win the ICC world cup soon. 


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