VGP Marine Kingdom is thrilled to announce the arrival of an enchanting and magical experience this holiday season - the Merry Mermaid Encounter Show! Dive into the wonder and whimsy...

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Health & Style

FemiSafe is at the core of fighting unhygienic menstrual practices through exceptional products

Menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) are essential to the physiological well-being and empowerment of both women and adolescent girls. More than 300 million are...

TOP 10 Emerging Beauty And Lifestyle Brands In India

With new products and brands being created every day, finding the right product to suit your needs can be like searching for a needle...

Creating strides with art Ananth Talam emerges as the top digital artist

Artistic genius is a gift from God, and whoever discovers it in himself bears a certain responsibility, an individual must understand that they cannot...

Warm up Your Weekends with Amazing Recipes by Chef Sonali Mishra

Are you longing for some good food but can’t find any appetizing recipes? Now you don’t need to worry about finding or cooking delicious...

Astrologer P Khurrana passes on his legacy to Actress Shilpa Dhar

Ayushmann Khurrana’s astrologer dad, P Khurrana passes on his legacy to Actress Shilpa Dhar. Leading astrologer and father of Bollywood actors Ayushmann and Aparshakti Khurrana,...



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Go stylish this Eid, with Sara Ali Khan Traditional Look

Ramzan Eid is approaching, and we're sure the ladies are busy choosing their best looks. Although shopping options are limited this week due to an increase in coronavirus cases...

Anupam Shyam, a veteran actor dies at 63 due to multiple organ failure

Anupam Shyam, a veteran actor, died on Sunday night from multiple organ failure. His demise was verified by his friend Yashpal Sharma and producer...

Foxclues List of India Prime Top 100 Professors Teachers and Researchers Announced

FoxClues Pvt. Ltd is one of the well-recognized and appreciated marketing and research organizations of India. It is primarily known for its strategic planning...

LA Actor Romeo Yanger: It needs passion and perspective to portray a phenomenal role in plays

Each artistic profession has a very distinct style and purpose. I can appreciate how much the actors put into all of their performances, and...


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