World War 3? US warns Russia could use fake video for pretext to invade Ukraine

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The US has warned that Russia could use a fake propaganda video to invade Ukraine as Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed about 1,25,000 soldiers across the Russia-Ukraine border. 

The tension between Russia and Ukraine is at an all-time high as Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed around 1,25,000 soldiers with heavy artillery and ammunition at the Russia-Ukraine border. The escalation is due to demands put forth by Russia in which they demand a written guarantee that Ukraine will not become a part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). The US, France, the United Kingdom, and several other countries are pledging their support to Ukraine and have even warned Russia of heavy economic sanctions. 

Russia and its ally Belarus are jointly conducting a military exercise but the US believes that Vladimir Putin might use a pretext of fake video to invade Ukraine. Joe Biden, the President of the United States has asked all American citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible. The US is also deciding to shift its embassy located in Kyiv in Ukraine to some other part in the western region of the country. The NATO allies are trying diplomatic means to persuade Russia not to invade Ukraine however there has been not been any major breakthrough. Recently, Joe Biden had a telephonic conversation with his Russian counterpart and the former in clear terms had warned Russia not to invade Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin, who recently met French President Emmanuel Macron in Moscow said that if NATO decides to implement Article 5, then there would be a world war-like situation as a lot of countries will be dragged into the war against their will and that Russia is a nuclear power. Putin also stated that a war like this will have no clear winner. Many defense experts believe that Russia could invade Ukraine after the conclusion of the Beijing Olympics. However, Russia has constantly denied any plans to invade its neighboring country.

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