With Delixirs, Enjoy the Blend of Natural and Scientific Formulation


Delixirs is an innovative skincare brand that offers unique electrolyte-infused beauty solutions to Indian consumers. 

Dehydrated skin can be a nuisance leading to a number of temporary and chronic conditions like itchiness, dullness, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines, etc. Especially, in the modern lifestyle, taking the proper care of your skin has become more important than ever because your skin has to undergo a lot of stress throughout the day. So, in order to make your skincare routine more effective and hassle-free, an online premium skincare brand Delixirs has brought their bespoke skincare product range made with 100% natural ingredients.

Delixirs’s Unique Electrolyte-based Formulation

Owing to the diverse customer tastes and needs, the Indian beauty and skincare market is accomodating a slew of skincare products for today’s young demographic who believe in skincare as a way of achieving skin beauty and physical wellbeing. The Indian market is also witnessing the rising trend of using skin care products like acne treatments, face masks, facial cleansers, and facial moisturizers. The Covid19 induced e-commerce boom has also led to the introduction of several new online brands and skincare products, Sadly, most of the market available products are made following cookie-cutter formulas and without any kind of proven effects on the skin. Most skincare brands sell outsourced products that can cause sub-par results on your skin if used regularly. Delixirs is a bespoke skincare brand that has introduced its natural and effective skincare products after extensive research and development efforts. Ditching the commonplace practice of outsourcing, the premier skincare brand handcraft its products in its in-house facilities so that its customers can get hold of high-end and safe skincare products.

In reality, most manufacturers use harmful ingredients in the form of chemicals like paraben, fragrances and alcohol in their beauty and personal care products. These harmful chemicals in regular soaps, face washes, and other products can damage the natural skin barrier function by disrupting the pH level in your skin. On top of that, the environmental elements can easily rip your skin off the necessary hydration leaving your skin dry, dull and older looking. To come up with a modern solution to this problem, Delixirs has replaced the water used in skincare products with their innovative electrolyte-rich solution. This electrolyte-rich formula of their product is scientifically proven to replenish your skin with required and lost hydration and nutrition. These products are skin nourishing as well as pH friendly making them healthier for the natural skin barrier. The electrolyte-infused products strengthen the natural skin barrier so that your skin looks less wrinkly and more youthful.

The Rise of Informed Indian Skincare Consumer

The millennial and Gen Z Indian are no longer focused on a fair complexion or traditional concoctions. Rather, they are attracted towards eclectic brands and bespoke products that offer healthy and protected skin. . The Indian customers are now looking for more sustainable products. In fact, they are ready to invest in advanced products and new skincare brands that tick all the desired boxes. All of the products by Delixirs are made with natural ingredients. They are silicone-free, paraben-free and artificial fragrance-free attesting to their superiority in front of other popular skincare products. 

To maximize their customer reach, the skincare brand adopted the multichannel approach wherein it sells its products on both e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Myntra along with their own website. Delixirs has also launched their app for Android and iPhone to give their customers a wholesome shopping experience. Owing to their effective skincare solutions, they have already been awarded the title of Femina Power Brands 2021 and now they are looking forward to reaching new heights of innovation and success.

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