Who will Be Winner of Mrs India 2021 2022 , India’s Only Premium Platform by Deepali Phadnis


Mrs India 2021 2022 will take place on December 20th at The Royal Retreat Resort and Spa in Udaipur, Rajasthan, to highlight married women’s beauty in variety. Mrs India is dedicated to raising awareness about textile pollution and is based on the same concept of encouraging people to Reduce, Reuse, and Restyle materials from Wardrobe to communicate the hazards of textile pollution. From encouraging local tourism and the use of handloom products to highlighting India’s heritage, the festival has it all. For more details visit https://www.MrsIndia.Net

The premier event is organized by former Mrs. Asia International winner, Mrs. Deepali Phadnis, Director of Mrs. India Pageants and Productions. This is Official Mrs. India title is held by Mrs. India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd from 2013.

Mrs. India Pageants, since its first theme – Beauty in Diversity has believed and stood by the saying, “Every Woman is Beautiful, and every woman should feel Beautiful irrespective of her age, looks, colour, height, or weight.” Mrs. India is a Celebration of Womanhood, encouraging every woman to embrace their eternal beauty.


“Mrs. India is India’s only largest premium platform exclusively held for married women since 2013 across India. The company has organized and participated in many international shows which are not limited to Pageants only, Deepali Phadnis is Director of Fashion Asia Awards hosted in China, where Deepali Phadnis as represented Indian Fashion through various Fashion Designers , Stylist , Models that she handpicked to represent India on Fashion Asia Awards hosted in Chong Ching China. We are known for our majestic productions, signature photoshoots, unique video shoots, creative themes, and also sharing and promoting a social message and theme every year,” said Deepali Phadnis, Director, Mrs. India Pageants. This year we are experimenting on entirely new concept for that you have to wait and watch us.

She further added, “Mrs. India Pageants had commenced its journey when it realized the contributions of a woman to society never stops. We want to change the thinking that a married woman should stop dreaming and celebrating and contribute to society. Why should one stop celebrating her contributions, achievements, or zeal to excel just because she is married? One may have multiple responsibilities, but her dreams should not die. We would like to offer the second chance or another opportunity for them to showcase their hidden or suppressed talents and desires.”

Mrs India 2021 2022 contestants will emphasise during the presentation that the fashion business is the world’s second-largest polluter and will promote sustainability, re-use, and recycling of textiles and fabrics. Handloom, which is India’s heritage and pride, will also be displayed and encouraged to be worn. Many married women will gain notoriety and a chance to display the inner brilliance they have possessed for many years as a result of this platform. Mrs. India’s programme will empower many such ladies who have never been recognised for their efforts.

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