“Want to manufacture BrahMos” so no one dares to cast evil eye: Rajnath Singh


Rajnath Singh, the defense minister of India has laid the foundation stone of the Defence Technologies and Test Centre and the BrahMos Manufacturing Centre in Lucknow. 

The defense minister, Rajnath Singh on Sunday said that India wants to manufacture BrahMos missiles so that no country can think of causing any kind of harm to our country India. Singh further said that India is manufacturing the BrahMos missile and other weapons not to cause any harm to other nations but to defend the people of our nation against “any nation with hostile intentions.”

“It has never been the character of India to attack any other country or grab even an inch of the land of any country,” Singh said. “We want to manufacture BrahMos on Indian soil so that no country dares to cast an evil eye on India.”

Indicating towards Pakistan, the Defense Minister of India said he does not why the intentions of a neighboring country that got separated years back have still intentions towards India and is responsible for committed acts of terrorism in Uri and Pulwama, Singh added.

“And then our prime minister took a decision, and we went to the soil of that country and destroyed terrorist hideouts, and when there was a need for airstrikes, we did that successfully. We gave the message that if somebody dares to cast an evil eye on us, then not just on this side of the border, but we can go to the other side and hit them. This is India’s strength,” he said.

BrahMos Manufacturing Centre where the Defence Minister of India is laying the foundation stone is a modern, state-of-art facility in the Lucknow node of Uttar Pradesh Defence Industrial Corridor covering over 200 acres.

Speaking at the event, Chief Minister Adityanath said, “If someone raises an eye on the security of India, then it will not be tolerated… Every person in the country knows that this is a ‘New India’. Yeh chedhta nahi hai, lekin agar koi isse chedhta hai, toh usko chodhta bhi nahi hai (This New India doesn’t provoke anyone, but if someone provokes, it doesn’t leave them).”

“Now, Lucknow will not just be known for the ‘Smile, You Are In Lucknow’, but will also be known for roaring against the enemy countries. And the missile made here will not just be a source of the country’s security apparatus, but also for strengthening security here. It will also become a source of employment for our youths,” he added.

“These two facilities are not only important for providing security to the country but will also put UP on the map of defense manufacturing in the country,” Rajnath Singh said.

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