Walmart to offer own Cryptocurrency to Virtual Shopping Experience In Metaverse


The US retail giant and world’s largest company by revenue, Walmart seems to be establishing itself for a venture into the world of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens, and they are also laying the groundwork to create its crypto to contend with the likes of Bitcoin and ether-based on trademark documents the retail giant filed on December 2021 with US Patent Trademark Office. If things do turn out the way it seems, we could see the adoption of crypto in the retail segment shoot through the roof.

Walmart to offer own Cryptocurrency to Virtual Shopping Experience In Metaverse
Walmart to offer own Cryptocurrency to Virtual Shopping Experience In Metaverse

Walmart filed seven trademarks in late December 2021 that appear to indicate the retailer’s intent to both make and sell virtual goods whereas a separate filing indicated that the company would be offering users virtual non-fungible tokens and currency, according to a CNBC report. According to the documentation, other things that Walmart may launch are “financial services, providing a digital currency and a digital token of value for use by members of an online community by a global computer network.

As expected, Walmart has not provided any details about its plans, The company went on to say that it tests “new ideas all the time,” and that some of them may become actual products or services, instead of telling CNBC in a generic statement it is “continuously exploring how emerging technologies” may impact its business.

Another application also details possibilities for “physical fitness training services” as well as the classes in the field of health. These applications could take place in augmented reality and virtual reality environments, according to a report by Verge. Another filing was made by the company for the use of its name and logo in both argument reality and virtual reality. An article by Bloomberg pointed that the company had also filed trademarks for certain names “verse to curb,” “verse to home,” and “verse to store” all showing that 5the company could be preparing a virtual shopping experience.

Their trademark application also shows that they might make software. These software suits can be used in the e-commerce marketplace in mobile devices, fund transfers, blockchain, crypto, and others. Whatever virtual world Walmart plans to open its store in will push the price of its store will push for all stakeholders in metaverse space, in near future. It seems that after this release, Walmart might even start accepting Bitcoin across all stores in the United States.


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