The Skin Zeal Founder, Dr. Isha V Mittal decodes how permanent makeup can overlap medicine


Are you also among those who hassle every day to make your eyebrow look perfect or feel that your lips need a permanent filling? No one really likes thinning brows or pale lips. But not everyone can enjoy applying cosmetics on a regular basis. Medical conditions or just too much care for your skin are also why individuals refrain from using cosmetics and make-up.  Today, anyone can seek help from the beauty enhancing artistry called permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is a groundbreaking cosmetic procedure that involves permanent coloring of the dermis. But before you get your permanent makeup done you should always hear the expert advice. Renowned Dermatologist and Cosmetologist , Dr. Isha V Mittal provides permanent makeup in Chandigarh. She guides people on the path of application of coloured pigments into the skin’s dermal layer and how this procedure can effectively provide an aid for various forms of illnesses.

Though a permanent makeup procedure takes a good amount of time, with qualified techniques you can achieve the perfect results. Permanent makeup has long been popular as a way to enhance one’s appearance. Loss of eyebrows, thin eyebrows, eyebrow correction, and denser-looking eyebrows, can be achieved and corrected by permanent makeup. It also treats stretch marks, birthmarks, age spots, and uneven discolorations. Those suffering from skin disorders such as alopecia, and have undergone chemotherapy can benefit from this procedure. In fact, people suffering from cosmetics related allergies can use permanent makeup effectively without facing any detrimental issues.

Having great eyebrows or lips has always been a popular opinion. With permanent makeup you can significantly enhance your facial attributes and achieve the look you desire. For the ones looking for a more permanent solution to the traditional approach of using products like lipstick and eyeliner to enhance the features, permanent makeup can assist with long-lasting enhancement .

Talking about the same, Dr. Isha says, “Certain medical conditions often limit the application and efficiency of makeup. An autoimmune disorder like alopecia or chemotherapy can trigger unwanted hair loss or hair thinning in individuals which can not be undone by simple makeup. In such cases, permanent makeup comes handy in creating beautiful eyebrows. At the same time, people suffering from muscular disorders find it nearly impossible to apply makeup owing to their inability to hold makeup applicators for a long time. They can opt for permanent pigments to help them enhance their look effortlessly. It also helps in hiding discoloured patches in those who suffer from vitiligo or have sustained burns/scars.”

It is not uncommon that people generally confuse permanent makeup with tattoos. Contrary to what it sounds, permanent makeup is not literally permanent and is far from the idea of getting inked. Unlike tattooing wherein ink is injected deep into human skin, permanent makeup uses safer pigments without penetrating deep. In addition, permanent pigmentation generally makes use of black pigments with few exceptions of different shades of brown and pink. On the other hand, tattoos can vary in colour depending on your requirements. As a result, permanent makeup is actually temporary and, in most cases, pigments used in permanent makeup last about one to one and a half years.

Many people fear permanent makeup due to their dearth of knowledge on the topic. Dr. Isha V Mittal takes this chance to educate people on the safety and effectiveness of pigmentation. Being a less invasive procedure, it is completely safe and gives immediate beauty-enhancing results. It eliminates the daily hassle of applying and removing makeup. After going through permanent pigmentation, all you need to do is the minimal cleansing and moisturizing. It cuts short the time and effort previously spent on makeup.

From giving definition to eyebrows to adding fullness to lips to making your eyeliner smudge-free, permanent makeup can accomplish many jobs. Even if you do not have any medical conditions, people irregardless can get benefits out of permanent pigmentations. It saves time, reduces expenses on cosmetics and instills confidence in people. So, if you want to get rid of the regular task of applying and reapplying heavy makeup, permanent makeup by experts at The Skin Zeal is your way out.

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