Switzerland educated scholar, Preethi Amaresh talks about her new book on the Rohingya


Preethi Amaresh after her international releases, “Nihonomics”- Economic Foreign Policy of Japan and “Nanmin”- Concavity of China’s refugee policy in the past is back with her new book on the Rohingya refugees of Myanmar titled “Ninengan Mae- The Stateless” that released in India last week. “Ninengan Mae” a Burmese word that translates to “The Stateless” is based on the Rohingyas. This book which she began writing in 2017 during her tenure as an intern at the United High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) took much time to finish due to her busy schedule. The frequent UNHCR visits to the Rohingya camp gave her lot of exposure regarding the plight of the refugees in general and the first hand accounts of the Rohingya situation in Myanmar and overseas which was definitely a life changing experience. 

Also described by the United Nations as the most persecuted refugees in the world, Rohingya pronto became recognized as the “new Palestinians” in Asia following their forceful displacement due to violence and genocide. The book begins with the History of the Rohingya, focusing further on some of the complex aspects such as the enraged Buddhism, conflict resolutions, their situation in the post-COVID world and the 2021 Myanmar coup d’état. Having presented papers on the “Rohingyas” at leading Indian Institutions in the past, she had some knowledge about their way of life and history, which gradually enabled her to develop further interest during her tenure at the UNHCR. This interest later motivated her to write books on the refugees. UNHCR as a savior has continued to play a pro-active and an optimistic role in consistently assisting the refugees including the Rohingyas who have escaped the persecution and fear of war and genocide, living a life of exile by relocating to other countries as per the author. The “Rohingya insight” at the UNHCR taught the author how to cultivate more respect for the refugees in general, understand their plight and be non-judgmental about the problems they face across the world. It was indeed an eye-opener for Ms. Amaresh! 

Ms. Amaresh, a Doctoral scholar of International Relations from the Geneva School of Diplomacy, Switzerland has been involved in extensive research in her field besides having worked and interned in reputed organizations. According to the author writing has always been her passion since school days and her three books as an author has been based on less researched topics, the reason they are appreciated in India and overseas. Ms. Amaresh who is presently a SUPRA Scholar at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) is all excited for the on going book project on “India” scheduled for 2022 release.


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