Swarajshop emerges as a game changing online Jewellery platform

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Women have been wearing jewellery since ancient times, and it has become an inseparable part of their lives. A jewellery talks about who she is and what she represents. Every woman has a box of jewellery ranging from a simple bracelet to an ethnic neckpiece. They make sure they wear their beloved pieces on every occasion. In fact, it is said that women and jewellery are inseparable and are a way of expression and leaves a strong message about the person. With time, the importance of jewellery has increased with various new designs and patterns in the market. It is not just an accessory but a way of satisfaction, self-pride, and self-indulgence. One such platform that provides elegance and style to fashion is Swarajshop, a home to handcrafted, unique, and extraordinary jewellery, is an e-commerce platform that delivers smiles and most loved pieces of jewellery in the country abroad.

 Swarajshop was initially dependent on a third party to deliver their order which caused them a considerable loss. To cope with the increasing number of orders, the company started its own jewellery collection, coming out of its comfort shoes. It provides handmade customized jewellery, covering every age group of people with beautiful graceful jewelleries. The company has its stores in various places like Mumbai, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. To meet the requirements of the digital world, the company has moved into the e-commerce platform named Swarajshop.com. Not only in India, but the brand has also now reached countries like Canada, the United States, United Arab of Emirates, Denmark, and Australia.


Swarajshop also manufactures its own beautiful artificial ethnic jewellery pieces to meet the high demands of the people. These jewellery are customized according to the needs of the customer. They provide products at the most economical rates and are designed keeping in view the customer feedback, insights from various jewellery-focused groups, and data from online and in-store lifestyle companies. The company is now serving its clients through giant E-Commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. This all was possible due to the able leadership and marketing and visionary business skills of the founder, Mangesh Shinde.

 Talking about the success of the company and his plans to make the company reach a new height, the founder, Mangesh Shinde, says, “We have not maintained the chain of profit-sharing mediators and achieved this success by implementing strategies to become a customer-oriented company. We stand by the values of quality, transparency, and simplicity and have a sharp focus on the high-demand supply for the jewellery. We believe in glorifying families at Swarajshop because jewels stay within families. Our company plans to become the most visited online women-centric marketplace all around the globe. Our mission is to deliver the choicest quality products, with every client leaving with a smile on their face. Our stores are located in the major parts of India, and we will soon spread to other parts as well.”

The company not only deals in jewelleries including pearl, Kundan, traditional and ethnic jewelleries, but it also focuses on 360-degree centric products sellers like saree, lehengas, apparel, bags, and many more to cope-up with the growing digital pace and build customer’s world-wide. Swarajshop guarantees customers’ privacy and that personal information is protected when they surf the website. The e-commerce platform stores the data obtained by customers on a well-protected server. The billing info is also kept safe by using SSL for the checkout processes with no details saved on the system.

 Swarajshop has a cash-on-delivery option and a friendly return and refund policy to ensure the online purchase is free of stress. The platform is growing at a good pace and concentrates on increasing digitally that is rich and easily accessible. The company is keen on pursuing different segments and making them the best.




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