Sudhir Bishnoi, of Media Manthan News, provides the groundwork for trustworthy journalism


The journalism sector is fiercely competitive in this digital age. Some journalists may offer news that they did not double-check or reports that are lacking in originality in order to remain ahead of the competition. It is also true that some journalists create clickbait news in order to draw public attention and profit from internet traffic. Journalists who conduct themselves honestly earn the trust of the public. Journalists owe it to their readers to be truthful in their reporting, whether it’s a breaking news item, a recap of the day’s events, or an enterprise article. Sudhir Bishnoi, a journalist, host, and YouTuber, launched ‘Media Manthan News’ to emphasize the need of doing journalism in plain sight. He established a vast audience based on trust and integrity in his endeavor to offer foresight to the happenings throughout the world without sugarcoating the truth.

A double post-graduate in the field of Journalism, Sudhir through the medium of Media Manthan News covers hardcore news about the country and across the seas. The account verified on a variety of digital channels has garnered immense appreciation from the general public for being the voice of the voiceless. This unbiased platform is renowned to deliver facts from all corners of the country ranging from high-profile news to ones in regard to the poor and needy.

The virtuoso constantly active across all social media platforms has launched a plethora of initiatives to uplift the individuals looking forward to a better way of living. Delivering content in the native language of the country, he has ensured that even people from the most remote areas of the country have no difficulty in understanding the profile. Having started his career for News TV India, majorly dealing in political news, including Rajasthan Assembly Elections in 2018 and National Elections in 2019, Sudhir Bishnoi has attained years of experience in the field. He has imbibed the integral values of authenticity and honesty in his reporting which he considers to be the epitome of any true journalist.

Ever since his youthful years, Sudhir has been actively involved in reading, writing, and engaging in numerous debate competitions addressing many sensitive topics prevailing in the country. He says, “I solely believe that journalists should always write about the things that fascinate them. The rest will take care of itself and write every narrative as if it were for the first page. Do the reporting, and the tale will write itself. A trustworthy news organization is an honest news organization, and a credible journalist is a truthful journalist. I envisage making this a supreme foundation for every journalist out there so that whenever any news is presented, it is neutral in every way and presents raw facts as they occur. My entire team and I have been working efficiently on this through Media Manthan News”

The digital age we live in today, with its instantaneous access to information, click-bait culture, and citizen journalism, has severely hampered the availability of professional journalists. But, with so many growing news channels in the country, it is clear that the future of journalism in India can prove to be brightening. The journalist’s role is as the fourth estate and a watchdog for corruption and injustice imposes an unmistakable obligation on journalists to be as skillful and hardworking as they are virtuous and ethical. With Media Manthan News in the picture, Sudhir Bishnoi is putting forward his best foot to bring a revolution in the world of journalism.

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