Sibi Paul Gives Away the Ways to be a Powerful Communicator in the Modern World


Communication skills are an essential skill set that can prove to be helpful in any aspect of life, be it personal or professional life. In the modern business world, when you have to interact with so many people and share so much information with others throughout the day, it becomes especially important to develop communication skills. Without proper communication skills, chances are likely that you will end up stressed and frustrated in your work life.

Sibi Paul is an Indian entrepreneur and certified Digital Marketing Strategist who has helped more than 200 businesses to grow online. He is also a successful investor who believes in the potential of Indian entrepreneurs and startups. With his long association with the industry and professionals, he is sharing ways to be a powerful communicator in the modern world so that you can become a successful individual in every aspect. 

  • Know Your Audience

Be it a regular conversation or business presentation or sales pitch, before making any communication, individuals must know their audience. You have to have a clear understanding of your audience’s background, perception, and mindset so that you can modify your language accordingly. An existing frame of reference will only help in the effective communication of ideas, arguments, and points of view.

  • Master The Active Listening Skills

Successful communication is not only about non-stop talking. It is also about listening and responding accordingly to improve understanding. In fact, active listening is a crucial part of any communication process which every individual should master, be it a business professional or regular person. Moreover, giving full attention to the person in front of you will enhance the quality of communication and mitigate any chance of miscommunication.

  • Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Body language is the non-verbal component of any communication that speaks louder than your words. Even without speaking, one can effectively convey stronger messages only through body language. Your facial expression, the position of arms, sitting posture, gestures, and even the tiniest of the activities while conversions can give away what you are thinking. Therefore, always be careful about your body language in a conversation.

  • Learn from Others

When it comes to polishing your communication skills, nothing can be more helpful than learning from others. You must observe others learn what they are doing to communicate in different situations. If you are not sure how to give a business presentation, you can always learn from seeing your seniors at work in real life or you can also take the help of the internet to watch videos of expert business professionals.

  • Importance of Silence

No matter how bizarre it may sound, silence, an absence of speech, can play a constructive role in communication. Constructive silence is considered to be an effective tool to push any conversation further. However, you should also remember that silence carries different meanings in different social and cultural contexts. Therefore, you must utilize the power of silence in communication quite carefully, stresses Sibi Paul.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Communication is not all about saying and listening. An expert communicator always knows how to ask questions. Questions help you to understand your audience better. So, if you are not clear about what your partner is saying or asking for, never refrain from asking questions. It will only enhance the quality and results of communication. 

  • Be Clear and Precise 

Precision in communication does not mean limiting in communication. Rather, it means being clear, to the point, and accurate while conversing with someone. Keeping it precise and crisp will help your audience understand your arguments and you will not lose your audience’s interest. Be it any kind of situation, precision in communication only boosts the chances of success.  

The route to becoming an effective communicator is not easy and straightforward. These skills also come differently to different personalities. However, that does not mean you can undermine the importance of becoming a powerful communicator. Sibi Paul suggests you follow all the abovementioned tips to polish your communication skills and make yourself heard.


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