Shopy Vision: Moderating the world of electronics, by bringing all products under one roof

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Besides being one of the most innovative sectors, electronics is a rapidly evolving industry worldwide. The advent of the pandemic in 2020 brought bad news for several other industries, making them witness stunted growth or even losses. However, in the same year, the electronic industry saw a massive 129% year-over-year growth. According to the available data, 43% of the total sales of electronic goods were made online in 2020. Even before the pandemic, the electronic industry was gradually evolving  into a digital marketplace and advanced during the ongoing health crisis.

India is a very large and fast-increasing market for electronic online trading, making it a popular space for e-commerce to cater to. There are a lot of growth opportunities in the Indian market as it is still emerging technologically. However, the competition remains severe with numerous local and international businesses vying for a piece of this fast-growing industry. Moreover, because of the scale of the domain, many local businesses are able to reach a huge audience, despite having a small part of it. Founded by Rajesh Kumar Tuli, Shopy Vision is one such e-commerce platform that has made a huge name in the electronics e-commerce segment with its plethora of services.

One-stop solution for all kinds of new-age gadgets

Based out of Delhi, Shopy Vision is known for its vast collection of electronic products. It is an authorized provider of some of the world’s most well-known brands and caters to a wide array of customers. What sets them apart from their competition is that they have no third-party integration, making them more accessible as a platform. Popular brands such as Ubon, Zebronics, Intex, Boat, Portronics, JBL and many more are affiliated with Shopy Vision to add to their already vast offerings of electronic products. From Wireless Earbuds, Chargers, Adapters, USB Cable, Bluetooth Earphones, Neckbands, Wired Earphones, Headphones, Selfie Stick, Aux cable, Power Banks, Speakers, Bluetooth speakers, to TVs, Routers, Keyboards, Mouse, Smartwatches, Shopy Vision presents a variety of electronic devices making them a one-stop solution for all electronic requirements.

The newly launched phones and computers call for advanced accessories to match the requirements of the gadget. This has made choosing the right accessories the need of the hour. With Shopy Vision, you don’t need to worry as they have strategically brought all kinds of computer and mobile accessories under one roof.

In everyday life, mobile phone accessories are just as crucial as a phone. As brands today have retreated from offering accessories with their devices, Shopy Vision comes to rescue the customers from the hassle of filtering the web for their perfect buy, be it the Power banks, earbuds, or aux-cables.

Similarly, in order to operate your computer desktops or Laptops, you may need accessories such as a keyboard and mouse. Others, such as pen drives, wireless USB Adapters, and cooling pads may be useful to make certain work processes easier. Computer and mobile accessories might help you get more out of your gadgets, increasing work efficiency and productivity. Hence, Shopy Vision entails all the necessary accessories and gadgets to enhance your overall experience of using the devices.

An e-commerce platform with a vision

There are a lot of companies that provide similar products but Shopy Vision stands out from all as they provide facilities like free shipping, which is a determining factor behind generating more customers. With Shopy Vision, you don’t need to worry about payments as well. They have more than 100 flexible payment options with No Cost EMI making their services even more lucrative to their potential customers. The platform doesn’t charge anything over or above the cost price of the product making their platform affordable and suitable for varied customers.

With a motto, “We give our customers a fresh approach to shopping”, Shopy Vision always focuses on providing a hassle-free shopping experience to their customers.  They offer 100% original products and ensure that there are no duplication issues or fake products on their website.

Inception of a change

Talking about the industry, founder Mr. Rajesh Kumar Tuli said, “While customers are migrating to the online shopping from the offline one, shifting to the online market is the key to success to the consumer electronic industry. Following the market expansion, we decided to launch our electronic e-commerce platform with an aim to redefine the shopping experience of our consumers. As there is already so much existing competition, we are leaving no stones unturned to build our brand’s credibility with our top-notch services and products.”

With a plethora of products under one roof, Shopy Vision is on a mission to establish them as one of the biggest players in the electronic e-Commerce marketplace. The customer-centric approach of this budding e-commerce platform has already gained them quite a respectable position in their loyal customer base. They strive to deliver 100% Original highest value products while making the entire shopping venture more convenient for their customers. So as Shopy Vision says just “Find it, Buy it, Love it!”.

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