Shantanu Naidu ‘Youngest’ Friend Of Industrialist RatanTata


If you love surfing the internet and anywhere on social media, you must have seen a young guy hanging out with Ratan Tata, a great industrialist of India. He is very close to him and shares an incredible bond of friendship.

Here is some of the information, which helps you to know about him:

Shantanu Naidu is a 28-year-old guy. He serves as the Deputy General Manager, Chairman’s office at the Tata Group. Shantanu started working with the Tata Group in 2016, soon after his graduation.

Just like other employees, his life was normal until one evening. When he was coming back home from work, he witnessed a stray dog’s death on his way. The incident affected him so badly that he decided to do something to avoid such accidents.

He along with some of his friends made collars with reflectors which help drivers to see the dogs from afar. Their effort on the collar devices by them was commended by everyone and was appreciated by the Tata Group of companies, but Shantanu couldn’t manage to get any funding to design more for bulk orders.

Two months later, Shantanu received a letter signed by Ratan Tata himself, asking him to meet in person. Later, Ratan Tata took Shantanu to a place to see his dogs, and that’s how their friendship began.

Ratan Tata also funded their venture of collars and that’s how a simple letter asking for help for a noble cause of animal welfare, landed Shantanu Naidu as Ratan Tata’s assistant.

There is no use in living if it is not to strive for noble causes and to make the muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone.

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