Say No to Boring Winter Wear This Winter with Tinted Basics

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The frigid winter season demands the perfect blend of style with comfort in your winter style for staying toasty. Winter does not mean you have to feel uninspired to dress up. Rather, it is the season when you can showcase your extraordinary layering skills ensuring both elegance and comfort. Tinted Basics are among the top-most clothing brands that are creating some of the most impressive winter gear that you need to incorporate in your winter capsule wardrobe for looking stylish and staying cozy all winter.

  • With Velour Collection amp-up your fashion game for every occasion 

This stylish classic staple has been around for many years and has been rocking it since all the way back in August. Seeing velvets taking over all the racks in your wardrobe is not surprising if you are talking about how to ace your fashion game this winter season.

Velour Collection, which is an all-time favorite for high-end designers as well, there is no reason to not love this luxury fabric that outshines your personality and makes you look like a superstar. The brand Tinted Basics is providing you with outstanding clothing options that you can add to your winter wardrobe. For example, Velvet high neck crop tops can be paired with wide velvet trousers to give you an exuding charm and sensational look. 

  • Fuzzy love lets you incorporate texture with faux fur

Everyone needs a great faux fur jacket for running errands and staying warm from the cold freezing breezes. The brand has a wide variety of fluffy hoodies and fur crop jackets that flatters your body type and help you pull off any look. It can be paired with tee, dresses, and bottoms if you want to have a luxe, elevated look without sacrificing comfort. The hoodies also have comfy kangaroo pockets that are great for keeping your hands warm, while the loose fit allows for maximum comfort.

  • Slinky Knits for your staple sweatshirt & fleece drawstring joggers 

The pair of zip-down sweatshirts designed with pockets on the sleeves, a zipper front, elastic waistband, collar, and full sleeves with fleece drawstring joggers is all you want while prepping for a zoom call meet or celebrating your relaxing moments at home. The brand Tinted Basics is also offering a hoodie dress that has fleecing as the lining and voluminous sleeves with ribbed cuffs and a kangaroo pocket. Style is a factor, of course, but so is maximal comfort and the brand Tinted Basics are bringing both. 

  • Stylish Bomber jacket for women to keep your winter tight

Cooler weather means bringing out the coziest jackets whether you are lighting a fire at home or are exploring the outdoors. This super lightweight and breathable bomber jacket can be worn casually or to make an athletic statement. The brand deals in a versatile collection of jackets that make you look awe-inspiring. For a classic outfit idea, you can also pair the bomber jacket with knee-high boots or with combat boots. 

Now with the outfits being already curated for you need to accessorize them and feel the warmth every time you step out of your home. Winter is when you start missing your flowing dresses and funky t-shirts. With Tinted Basics’ winterwear, your winter fashion does not have to be boring anymore. Tinted Basics is all about mixing and matching your layering choices to yield your perfect winter look.

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