Sapan Saxena’s The Tenth Riddle is a well-conceived conjecture of history & mythology with a tinge of feminism


An intelligent page turner for readers who love a fast-paced story with loads of mystery and suspense, Sapan Saxena’s The Tenth Riddle is a well-conceived conjecture of history, mythology, ancient secrets, with a tinge of feminism. The book catches your attention right from the very first page, and keeps you hooked till the ultimate conclusion to the case laden with loads of historical and mythological citations.

The story is set in Goner of Rajasthan where an erstwhile Princess was murdered six years back in the premises of the temple of Kuldevi, the most revered Goddess in the region. The main suspect, the victim’s childhood friend is also missing for six years with no traces if she is dead or alive. There are other potential suspects but none that ties the murder to any of them. How the protagonists, while solving the case discover a much sinister and powerful secret to the temple forms the basis of the story.

Princess of Goner dies in mysterious circumstances as her killer, her childhood friend is absconding and presumed dead. Investigations claim no purpose behind the murder but her family lawyer refuses to believe so. Daunted by the mysterious death of erstwhile princess of Goner, the royal family lawyer reaches out to IB, India and that sets in motion the quest to solve one of the biggest historical secrets of all times as they chase pieces of an ancient prophecy, piece by piece.

Enter Shoumik Haldar, Deputy Director, Intelligence Bureau of India as he is accompanied by Ishan Vajpayee, celebrated author and Shakti Sinha, MLA of Jaipur district. Together they try to solve one of the biggest mysteries of all times as the wires of the murder tangle endlessly, with one end of the riddle lost deep in the enchantments of sacred feminism of Hindu mythology. A prophecy made up of ten riddles, which seemingly the princess was trying to solve and could have saved her life as it points to a secret so powerful, it could affect the society of modern times.

There is a sense of social justice always prevalent throughout the book as it attacks one of the most evil practices of Indian society, that of female foeticide. The irony that Kuldevi is supposed to bless the devotees with male children is not lost on the reader and has been explained rather neatly.

Why was the princess killed the very night she became the queen? What was the secret her family was hiding? Will Shoumik with the help of Ishan and Shakti able to crack one of the toughest puzzles of all times? Will they be able to solve the ten riddles and unravel the ancient secret? Read the fast paced thriller “The Tenth Riddle” to explore how the mystery unravels itself into the realms of Adi Shakti.

‘The Tenth Riddle’ follows the nationwide success of the author’s previous books ‘Finders, Keepers’, and UNNS – The Captivation, and has already been creating ripples on book charts across India due to its unique and compelling plot. Within just days of its release, the book has been topping charts in the Thrillers & Suspense category.

‘The Tenth Riddle’ is continually rising on various bestseller lists across the country, and has also received accolades from various book reviewers as well as Times of India, calling it “Intriguing, suspenseful, and imaginative”.

Highly recommended to anyone who loves a great thriller, while providing an extra something in the form of its history and mythology references. Pick it up for the story and the information capsules and end up getting absorbed in the suspense that Sapan has developed very tastefully.


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