Salonee Patel becomes the torch bearer through her social intiatives


Salonee Patel, young youth of India, inspiring NGOs of the Nation
through the creative initiative of one million plantation initiative with
United First.

Salonee Patel, a 21 year old BBA Graduate from Nirma University, has
contributed to the 1 Million Plantation Drive. She was given the task of
administering the Climate Change Drive, an initiative of the Live to
Inspire NGO, implemented across 14 states of India. She was driven to
reduce the impact of global warming and environmental destruction,
and was also successful in accomplishing her goal. She emphasized
that humans should build a natural affinity with the mother earth and
cultivate a connection with all the natural beings. She quotes, “ When
people build a bond with nature, they may become the best version of
themselves. As a result, it is our job to preserve as much as possible and
pass on this natural beauty to future generations.”

Two Movements in INDIA which we appreciated by 15 states and 2 UT”
1. Plantable Pencil Movement: The idea that a pencil stub can be planted
when it’s too short to write with is amazing. This gives it a new lease on
life, instead of being thrown away, the pencil becomes a symbol of
sustainability. Sustainability means using natural resources in a way that
we could keep doing for a long time. We can be more sustainable by
reducing our use of natural resources. The use of this pencil doesn’t
end when it is reduced to a stub, instead, a new life begins in the way of
a plant. It is important that we give back to Earth. I believe it is important
to do your bit to help make the world a greener, cleaner & better place
to live.

Most pencils, once sharpened down to a stub, serve no further use. A
solution to combat this waste is a pencil with a water-activated seed
capsule which can be planted when it becomes too short to use. It costs
just INR 10 for this unique pencil. What is a writing utensil will now also
grow into a plant !! The aim is to plant over 2 Million Plantable Pencils in
the coming year. They usually germinate in about two weeks.

2. JAPANESE Miyawaki Method:
The method involves planting two to four trees per square metre. Miyawaki forests grow in two to three years and are self-sustaining. They help lower
temperatures in concrete heat islands, reduce air and noise pollution, attract local birds and insects, and create carbon sinks. “The method advocates the
planting of diverse native species, thereby bringing in more biodiversity in comparison to monoclonal plantations.”

Many world peace ambassadors, ministers and social activist are joining
and supporting the cause. This is the first initiative of one of its kind in India.
Founder of United First, Sajan Shah who is a youngest motivational speaker of India says, Young people like Salonee are the key example of youth with moral and social responsibilities.


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