Review: Netflix Original ‘New Miniseries Maid’ releases on OTT platform


‘New miniseries maid’ is streaming online from today itself and  its remarkable storyline has made it the talking point among fans. The series is an adaptation of Stephanie Land’s 2019 bestselling memoir. Maid is a dramatic but ultimately the most inspiring series that showcases hard work, low pay, and a mothers will to survive.  The series is divided into seven parts which holds the attention of the audience with its strong emotional content. After the trailer got released fans got excited to watch the whole package, raising their expectation for the highly anticipated series.

The series is produced under the drama category by the OTT platform. The Margaret Qualley starrer show revolves around Alex, a young and strong woman who decides to prioritize herself and leave the abusive relationship that stops her growth.

The Netflix original wants to portray the reality of poor people, especially poor mothers who have to go through a lot and are made to jump through hoops to achieve what helps them to survive in the existing world. By portraying the real story the series wants to incite the victims to get up and take a stand for themselves as they are capable of touching the sky and making themselves proud. Shedding the light on the life of Alexa, Maid presents a number of obstacles faced by Alexa in her journey. The character looks out for a job with managing and feeding her doctor. The story was taken forward by Mia to display the power of hardships and troubles. The show is nothing less than a surprising treat on the screen.

Land has to struggle a lot to look after herself and give proper nourishment to her child. Stepping out of an abusive relationship was not at all an easy task for her. Explaining her hard journey during the hard times, the author wrote, “Child care grants, food stamps, Medicaid, utility assistance, and even gas vouchers were absolutely vital, and made it possible to use my limited income for rent. Because the rent always eats first. There were days in the month, before the food stamp money was replenished, that I went to bed hungry, or ate very little. After paying bills, I often had no more than $20 left for the month. No matter how hard I worked, it never felt like it was enough. That I was enough. This was my unwitnessed existence, as I polished another’s to make theirs appear perfect”.

The author feels satisfied to make it to the end. Her decision of moving out of an abusive relationship and nurturing her career path was the best step to take in order to influence others who are suffering a lot due to their bad relationships. “Throughout this whole process of giving my story to the hands of strangers, I had to force myself to trust they’ll do it justice. They have. By far. And it’s because they took a true interest in learning, and used their own experiences, to truly understand how it feels to be food, work, and housing insecure,” Land wrote. “I keep using the word relief lately. It’s not easy, anticipating millions of people watching moments from your life that you wish your body would forget, but it has been a huge relief to know my story is in such good hands,” she wrote.  Maid is streaming online and the viewers can go and watch it anytime anywhere.

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