Philanthropist Deepak Vishwakarma helped More Than 1,75,000 families uring Covid


Survival in today’s world has become a task for everyone.

To meet one’s ends, almost all the members of a family sweat out to earn a decent salary. But I want to ask, how many of you have constantly worked for the comfortable lifestyle of others? If not constantly, have you ever actually thought of doing something for someone else’s happiness?

Deepak Vishwakarma
Deepak Vishwakarma

Deepak Vishwakarma a 34 year old Mumbaikar has appeared as an epitome in the field of social work. He has tirelessly committed his time and energy to the welfare of the underprivileged sector of society. By profession, he is an interior designer and a family man living in Mumbai. His 18-hours routine consists of contributing equal time for his profession and social work for individuals and communities seeking help.

His vision for social work was born in May 2014, during his visit to an orphanage. He relates an incident for that day where he saw a family with 3 kids on street outside the orphanage attempting to find eatables from a garbage bin. With the thought of helping these ignored sectors of society began the foundation of an NGO named “Making The Difference.” He is the founder of the NGO, Making The Difference which is based in Mumbai and active across other states of the country.

The vision was then moved to social media platforms seeking human assistance towards the underprivileged children of our society. He was completely astounded to see the number of responses he got and in no time his first volunteering team consisted of around 28 people who accomplished the task of providing children residing on streets and slums with a healthy and hygienic meal. They regularly did the same duty and eventually extended their influence and reach.

Deepak’s mantra is to understand the psychology of the underprivileged and help them accordingly. He attempts to solve the root cause of the problem rather than correcting the existing issue. For example, the major reason for unemployment in our country, according to him, is leniency concerning education. The man has an ideology of creating a robust workaround on the 4 economical pillars of the society i.e., Education, Health, Workforce and Environment.

The central and state government has left no stone unturned in providing better education facilities to every child in our country however the concept of municipal schools was never understood by these sectors. Parenting and incorrect guidance was the sole reason for the failure of such government plan. To resolve this troublesome issue, he started an awareness program that highlighted the necessity and importance of education in today’s world. The open school concept was initially adopted for these children wherein they were not only schooled on the basic concept of education like alphabets and numbers but also given important know-how of personal hygiene.

Initially began with 76 students in Varanasi and 47 in Mumbai and today he has made the open school concept to reach around 578 students across the country with good quality education and extracurricular activities.

While it might seem that this man is single-handedly managing the entire organization, he says that his volunteers are the actual pioneer and without them, MTD wouldn’t have been the success that it is today. Be it finance, logistics, marketing or managing public relations, each domain is trusted in the hands of his dedicated volunteers. Deepak also states that the vision is his baby, and it is currently shaping into beautiful tomorrow however he also states that MTD still has a long way to go. He has simply planted a seed and this seed will grow into a huge fruit-bearing tree.

“Making The Difference” was at the forefront during the initial lockdown phase of Covid-19. When the world was forced into their houses due to a dreadful virus Deepak Vishwakarma and his team were working on the ground all the families who required assistance in form of food and medical assistance. Approximately 1.75lac of Dry ration kit was distributed to different communities of the society who laid off from their work. The man and his foundation were active again during the second flow of Covid-19 when the country was crying for Oxygen. 117 initial Oxygen Connect centres were set up with over 761 Oxygen concentrators and 250 Jumbo Oxygen Cylinders across the country. He has also been addressed as “Oxygen Man” by TV9 in one of their reports.

He has been felicitated by Honorable Shri Bhagat Singh Kosyarji (Maharashtra Governor), Shri Kishori Pednekar (Mumbai’s Mayor), Shrimati Jyotsna Hasnale (Mira-Bhayandar Mayor), and Shri Dilip Dhole (MBMC Commissioner) for his selfless work in the Covid-19 pandemic. Deepak continues to be an inspiration to everyone around him. His skilful leadership and multi-tasking mindset are making difference with every situation tackled righteously. He works extensively only to fulfil his dream of making India so self-reliant that in the next 50 years, there wouldn’t be a need for any NGO whatsoever.


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