ORCA living in captivity for last 44 years, bangs head against the tank at Canadian Marine park

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World’s loneliest Orca whale, named Kiska bangs her head against the tank, in distress.

Kiska, who happens to be the only whale at  MarineLand in Ontario, has been famous as the world’s loneliest orca. She is not having any friends, relatives as they all died at natural death.

Kiska, is found to be living in captivity since being captured in 1979, almost for 44 years.

Recently, Phil Demers tweeted – ” Marine land doesn’t deserve a second chance, but whales living there do.

All over the Twitter #FreeKiska and #SaveSmooshi are trending, since 1st September, 2021.

He shared an another clip, writing: “Another angle. This is dangerous and self harming behaviour. Kiska is in distress.”

He tweeted out the footage with the caption: “This video was taken on Sept 4th, 2021. Anti-captivity activists entered MarineLand and observed Kiska, their last surviving orca bashing her head against the wall. Please watch and share. This cruelty must end. #FreeKiska.”

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