Nomination for WTI Awards 2022 begins! Winners of Tomorrow’s India Awards 2022 to be organised on 30th Sep

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Savin Communication will superbly present the WTI Awards 2022, co-presented by OPUS Perception and The India Saga, to the young-blooded entrepreneurs who have been cruising and crushing it in the domain of Startups. The anticipated awards are an aced initiative to promote the free-spirited entrepreneurship of young companies, especially amid the most challenging days. The event will encourage new entrepreneurs, startups, businesspersons, MSMEs, and individuals who have exceptionally created an echo in the valley of businesses. The Winners of Tomorrow’s India Awards 2022 (WTI Awards 2022) mark recognition and competition in the new Startup ecosystem and are already creating headlines. This auspicious ceremony will be held in the heart of the National Capital on 30th September 2022. The ideation behind this will assemble excellence as the night winners will be the bearers of the noteworthy joy awards.  

Savin Communication officially announces the first edition of Winners of Tomorrow’s India Awards to honour the distinguished entrepreneurs who have engraved their names on the hard stone placed in the Startup businesses. The event is set to honour and appreciate entrepreneurs in two heroic categories- Emerging and Promising. The event spotlight will position the best out of the rest after closely considering decisions made by the 10 residing jury members who will be supervising the whole ceremony. There will also be three head-jury members, namely- Mr. Vinay Kumar (Ex-National Bureau Chief of The Hindu), Mrs. Sushma Ramchandram (Business Journalist at Economic Times), and Mr. Desikan Ranganathan (Filmmaker and Advertising writer). 

The Winners of Tomorrow’s India Awards 2022 (WTI Awards 2022) will be distributed under 30 categories, including generic domains of Tech, Fin-Tech, E-Commerce, Media & Advertising, Health, Agriculture, and many more. The registration process for each of the thirty categories is actively open for nominations, and the brands and companies can get themselves registered by paying a nominal amount of INR 2,000. In total, there will be 600 registrations that will accept nominations till 5th September. The grandeur of this award will also mark improved morale, increased visibility to drive businesses towards the award-winning road. All The 30 winners of the WTI Awards 2022 will also get some of the ultimate benefits of getting featured in the top magazine- The Week, and the popular News Portal- The India Saga. Not only this, but the awardees of the day will also enjoy premium Social media promotions (including TIS, E-mailers, and WTI Space Channels), all free of any charges.

The WTI Awardsvictors will experience success on a grander level. Imprint your name in the ‘Startup ecosystem’ by registering or nominating the deserving enterprises that have been uproaring in 2022. The Winners of Tomorrow’s India Awards 2022 will publicise those who have constantly been manoeuvring the perfect business in a brave and free-spirited way with an unparalleled and unmatched endeavour. The awards have been created for the youthful and diligent workers who have idealised the opportunities and immensely grown in the Startup ecosystem. Winners of Tomorrow’s India will passionately describe the importance of startups and the establishment of a new era.

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