Nilakshi Garg’s Novel Mirage Is What Tears You Into Pieces


Readers love hauling books which set their emotions in multiple directions – books that leave them hanging in thoughts for days to come. One such author is Nilakshi Garg, who loves to stir unruly, wicked, and new emotions in her reader. Then be it Mirage, her debut contemporary and adult romance novel, or be it Twenty Eight Plus One, her poetry book that is definitely a page-turner. 

nilakshi garg
nilakshi garg

Mirage is the story of a Tattoo artist woman named Bethany Carlson who lives alone in Chicago, Illinois. Nilakshi Garg has written this book to venture into the literary world to dramatise her craft and creativity further. Better to say that Mirage is a novel that makes you laugh, cry, weep, and shout. 

It’s a book that demands the immediate attention of the reader from the first line of the first chapter: “Art is a mask.” It gives a wonderful feeling to the literary critic to know what the book is about and why it starts with Art in the first sentence. But without doubt, the book is an art in itself which portrays human turmoil from the lady protagonist’s POV. 

In this novel, Nilakshi Garg has poured everything from being alone, building a self-brand, not knowing how to care for oneself when no one is there to support you and finding trouble to come to terms when life gives you second chances of happiness. 

“The end of Mirage is what tears you into pieces as an individual,” says Nilakshi Garg, again leaving the reader in suspense of its kind. “The book is a journey of self-realisation and breaking barriers. If a character can do it, so can my readers. I vouch for them through the journey of Bethany Carlson and Gerald Fletcher,” continues the author. 

When asked about her next book, Nilakshi Garg couldn’t be more ecstatic. 

“Twenty Eight Plus One is a poetry book dedicated to my parents and myself or this year 2022 as a whole. There are multiple coincidences that fall into place regarding the title of this book. This year, I am turning 29, this poetry book has 29 poems, and my parent’s anniversary is on 28th October, which is like 28/10,” the author comments with a surreal emotion. 

There are multiple facets one can read in Twenty Eight Plus One by Nilakshi Garg under the publication of Write India Publishers. There are tributes to orphan children, children abandoned by their parents in one or other scenarios. Then there are episodes in a poetic format and narration where author turned poet talks about the obsession of love, hunger for money and power, investigative journalism and its consequences, gun violence, and LGBTQIA+ community people falling in and out of love.”

“My favourite poem in this book is where an author, without revealing its identity, is seen stalking its reader, a waitress who reads the same novel every night where the main character is her mirror image. It’s rather a twisted tale that reminds you of the You Netflix series.”


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