Namas Industries to roll out a new campaign, to hire 5000+ aspirants over next 6 months

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We have often heard the phrase that ‘Time is Money’ and it indeed is, especially in today’s busy life. One must understand the importance of time and use it wisely. Catering to this, Namas Industries, an emerging e-grocer company based in India is going to launch an all-new campaign aimed at increasing the value of people’s time and using it wisely. With this move, they become the first company in India to let consumers pay via their precious time.

Talking about the new initiative, the CEO of the company, Pravin Vidhyadharan says, “We don’t mind giving any type of exciting offers or big sales discounts for our campaign but what we intend to do is that we want to bring down some definite cost and empower our customers by securing the benefits by using their own valuable time.” The company is going all out with their new project and is looking for some of India’s most inventive people. The aim of the company is to take the business into an all-new league and to create a company with great employee benefits. They have also crafted 21 employee benefit programs for all its employees regardless of the level.

Namas Industries is all set to launch its express delivery services in the year-end and is about to hire nearly more than 5000+ aspirants in the upcoming six months for many prominent positions in the company which includes Business Development Associate, Finance Associate, Customer Service Associate, and many other entry-level posts. The company will be catering its services in more than 300+ cities in the Southern Region of India and is planning to expand across the pan India level in the near future.

When it comes to pricing, Namas Industries believes in bringing services at a jaw-dropping price. They have ensured that all their products which are available for sale in the market come with huge discounts and exciting offers. Their main focus is on Grocery and Gourmet in addition to other categories like electronics, accessories, health, home decor, and fashion.

The new initiative of the company will completely revamp the delivery system and there will be numerous ways of delivery options for customers which will include a 15, 30, 45, or 90 minutes time frame for metro cities.

Talking about expanding the company, Pravin Vidhyadharan, says, “We are happy to launch a plethora of new products for our consumers. Apart from this, we are rigorously working on launching more products every single month. We are also planning to make sure that 20% of our dispatched fleet will be electric and we are determined to achieve a target of 100% by 2025. We have a lot of things in our pipeline and one of the things is that we are planning to assist our customers by delivering through drones in metro cities.”

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