Mother care products, market size, and their forecast


The global market has several independent Mother Care product brand lines, with many outlets that contribute to taking care of the needs of mothers. Many of them have high recorded value, scope, market share, revenue, growth rates, and strategies. All of these brands have different statistics and tactics to analyze their growth on the chart of patterns, trends, and developments. To update the segment that will be associated with the market scope, opportunities, and challenges, many studies suggest ups and downs in the diagram representation of their stats but we can still list the top companies that are solely dedicated to mothers. 

Here are some of the most prominent mother care product brands and their future analysis: 


  1. Mamaearth

Providing a wide range of products, Mamaearth was founded in September 2016 and based in Gurgaon. The skincare and baby products that the brand is offering are chic and light. With natural and toxin-free ingredients, Mamaearth has established its position at the top of the market. Their agenda is to recycle more and more plastic to create a better life for the next generation. Mamaearth bagged Rs. 461 Cr in 2021, which was a huge leap from the year 2020 when it only collected Rs. 109.8 Cr. After turning into a unicorn club in 2020-21, it has surged its earnings four times. 


  1. Himalaya Wellness Company

Formerly known as Himalaya Drug Company, it manufactures all sorts of toxin-free skin care and medical products. Himalaya is a trustworthy brand that was originally established by Mohammad Manal in Dehradun in 1930. The company entered the global market in 1996 when it established its roots in the US. Now it gains 50 percent of its revenue from abroad. Mothercare products by Himalaya were launched in 2016 after extensive research and development in systems of ancient Ayurveda medicines of India. The company also has an impact in 106 more countries and with outstanding market values and tactics that win the bar, The Himalaya Wellness company sure has a bright future ahead. 


  1. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson and Johnson is a multinational American company which is based in New Jersey and is a leading pharmaceutical company worldwide. With top-notch products like baby powder, face cream, wipes, baby oil, etc, this US-based company has prime credit ratings of AAA. The brand has successfully expanded its sectors in immunology, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, neuroscience, and etc. Johnson and Johnson even invested $1 billion during the Covid-19 phase to help the health sector. 


  1. Biotique

The brand offers a wide range of Ayurvedic mother care products that includes bathing oil, massage oil, lotions, creams, and sun protection for infants. Biotique was founded by Vinita Jain and is the first Indian brand to introduce organic cosmetics to the Indian market. Established in 1992, the brand deals in a wide range of products that includes face wash, cleanser, shower gel, cream, etc. for all ages. Biotique was ranked 65 among the Food and Personal Care market in India, with a value greater than the US $1 million. 


  1. Pigeon India

Pigeon India is a famous Indian brand that promotes various mother care products and their goodness as well as takes care of the needs of a mother in every way it can. From providing breastfeeding milk to baby solid foods, Pigeon India is surely a unique platform. Its authorized share prices are held at 75 Cr and its revenue ranges from 1 Cr to 100 Cr according to the FY21.

Many researchers believe that once a mother chooses a care product for her baby, she tends to remain with the same brand for a long time. Such trust is being maintained and encouraged by the big Indian and foreign brands together. Mother care is not just a business, it hits the emotional lobe of a parent deeply. While organic and traditional products catch the attention of parents, still, many brands have been trying to gain their customer’s trust and will surely succeed in doing so. 



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