Mahua Moitra responds after Chidambaram tears into TMC: ‘Perfectly doable’


TMC Goa in-charge Mahua Moitra responded on Twitter after Rajya Sabha MP P Chidambaram ripped into the All India Trinamool Congress’ Rs 5,000-for-women electoral promise in Goa on Sunday morning. She defended the plan, saying it is “absolutely achievable” and that the “depressed post-Covid [economic] reality necessitates putting cash in hand and liquidity into the system.”

What is the scheme?

The All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) pledged the Griha Laxmi Scheme ahead of the Goa Assembly election, which is set to take place in a few months, under which a monthly sum of Rs 5,000 will be directly given to a woman in every home in the state.

What did Chidambaram Say?

In response to TMC’s election promise, Rajya Sabha MP and former finance minister P Chidambaram of the Congress party said sarcastically, “Here is a math that deserves the Nobel Prize for Economics.”

He took to Twitter to air his views on the proposed scheme. “A monthly grant of Rs 5,000 to a woman in 3.5 lakh households in Goa will cost Rs 175 crore a month. That is Rs 2,100 crore a year. It is a “small” sum for the State of Goa that had an outstanding debt of Rs 23,473 crore at the end of March 2020,” he wrote.

How did Mahua Moitra respond?

In response to P Chidambaram’s criticism of the proposed initiative, Lok Sabha MP Mahua Moitra said that in a poor post-Covid economy, “sound economics” necessitates putting cash into circulation.

She wrote, “Yes sir, Rs 5,000 to 3.5 lakh Goan households is equal to Rs 2,100 crore is 6-8 percent of the total budget which is perfectly doable. Good economics in depressed post-Covid scenario requires putting cash in hand and liquidity into the system.”

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