Jewelegance discusses trends that are going to rule the brands in the next coming years

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The obsession with beautifully curated jewelry pieces is deep-rooted within the minds of people. Jewelry pieces accentuate the beauty of individuals and make them stand out from the ordinary crowd. It is known to add value to the lives of people in terms of status, power, financial stability, and much more. Therefore investing in jewelry has always been considered as an act of investing in a sparkling future. In the last few years, it has been witnessed that people have also been shifting to digital mode while purchasing ornaments. Here is a deep insight into the jewelry realm by the founders of Jewelegance, Dhruval Shah, Darshan Soni, and Gunjan Soni that will help understand the ongoing trends in the jewelry industry:

1. Does gold jewelry fascinate the younger section of society? 

Youngsters are fond of 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, diamonds, and gemstone jewelry. In other words, delicate collections convince them to make up their mind and purchase the jewelry that they always desire. They are the ones who insist their families look at the terms and conditions carefully and then start making digital purchases as well. To place an order with the brand the young customers go through proper planning. From searching for designs, visiting websites, contacting customer care, looking for reviews, checking authenticity, to getting all the required information, they do everything in a well-constructed manner. 

2. What trends are ruling the minds of younger generations while purchasing jewelry products?

Young people look after delicate and daily wear collections in 14kt, 18kt Diamond, and 22kt pearl jewelry. Jewelry and embellishments say a lot about your personality and wearing them enhances your overall look. The love for jewelry is not a new thing thus young people are also very inclined towards embracing themselves with luxurious jewelry pieces. The jewelry industry serves two purposes. One as an investment option and secondly it is considered as a fashionable accessory. Thus, the wave of young people in India is much more attracted to bracelets, pendants, rings, antique designs of mangalsutras, and exquisite anklets as they opt for innovative and light designs that they want to add up to their jewelry collection.  

3. What kind of gold jewelry to buy from an investment perspective?

When it comes to investment opting for heavy plain gold and antique jewelry along with a 0% interest installment scheme is in huge demand. When the gold price goes high, the customers are seen opting for buyback options and churn a profit on their investment alongside enjoying the benefit of embracing themselves with the beautiful jewelry pieces. Moreover, many times it has been seen that customers prefer to go with the EMI option as it provides them with a good amount of time to pay for the magnificent collection that they have purchased. 

  1. Major trends in gold jewelry that are going to take over the jewelry industry in the coming year?

The international market is moving towards 14kt or less purity diamond jewelry and platinum. When it comes to domestic it is more towards delicate diamond/gemstone jewelry in 14kt / 18kt gold purity. The colors that are going to dominate the industry are rose gold or white gold color. Where young people are attracted to delicate ornament collections such as nose pins, earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles, pendants, and even anklets. Mid-aged people prefer to wear antique jewelry, traditional collections, and heavy jewelry ornaments. 

Jewelegance as an online jewelry aggregator has undeniably taken into account all the trends that could lead the industry in the coming years, and the brand alongside is making sure that its customers too enjoy them as well. 


Nandita BN

I had ordered a Hanuman pendant. Jewelegance had the most exquisite, intricate, and unique design compared to any other leading jewelry company. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive but they are very responsive and professional to the customers. I’m extremely satisfied with the purchase. I’d definitely recommend Jewelegance.

Ezazul Haq

You have amazed me with on-time delivery as promised with continued support from purchasing the product to delivery, answering all my queries and making me feel stress-free regarding the quality of product, it’s security at the time of delivery and process you followed was also fully satisfying. The quality of the product is also awesome. I will be most happy to continue to purchase many more products from you.

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