Jeff Bezos Says “Heartbroken” after people killed at Amazon warehouse

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Washington: Amazon boss Jeff Bezos said he was “heartbroken” on Saturday after around six individuals were killed at an Amazon warehouse in the US province of Illinois when it was struck by a cyclone/ tornado.

Jeff Bezos tweeted about the town where the facility was located and wrote, “The news from Edwardsville is tragic.” “We’re heartbroken over the loss of our teammates there, and our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones.”

The warehouse was struck by a progression of twisters that tore across six US states, killing in excess of 80 individuals altogether in what President Joe Biden said was probably going to be “one of the largest” storm flare-ups ever.

Up to 100 Amazon representatives working a night shift in front of Christmas are accepted to have been caught when the stockroom imploded, and it isn’t clear the number of may in any case be caught.

Prior to Saturday, Edwardsville fire chief James Whiteford let columnists know that 45 individuals got fabricated securely, one must be transported to the emergency clinic for treatment, and something like six had kicked the bucket.

Be that as it may, he said the activity had abandoned salvage to concentrate “only on recovery” , powering fears the cost could yet rise. “All of Edwardsville should know that the Amazon team is committed to supporting them and will be by their side through this crisis,” Bezos tweeted. “We extend our fullest gratitude to all the incredible first responders who have worked so tirelessly at the site.”

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