‘I drove a taxi after the Soviet Union fell apart,’ says Russian President Vladimir Putin

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During difficult times, the Russian president said he took up the profession to supplement his income.

Putin acknowledged the catastrophic impact the dissolution of the Soviet Union had on him and millions of others, adding that during difficult times, he took up driving a cab, despite the fact that “it’s unpleasant to talk about.” Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russian President Vladimir Putin drove a cab to supplement his income, according to state-run news agency RIA Novosti. “Sometimes I had to make extra money,” the Russian leader said in a documentary film, according to RIA-Novosti. “I mean, work as a private driver to supplement your income. To be honest, it’s horrible to discuss, but that’s exactly what happened.”

Putin’s anguish about the fall of the Soviet Union

Putin claimed that the fall of the Soviet Union signaled the end of “historical Russia.” He has already mourned the country’s disintegration, calling it a “tragedy” for “most residents.” As newly independent Russia transitioned from communism to capitalism, the dissolution of the Soviet Union brought with it a period of acute economic instability that pushed millions into poverty.¬†


Putin, a devout supporter of the Soviet Union, was shocked when it disintegrated, calling it “the greatest geopolitical calamity of the twentieth century.” Putin’s remarks came as detractors accuse him of plotting an invasion of Ukraine to resurrect the Soviet Union. The Kremlin has dismissed the proposal as fearmongering by the West, claiming that Moscow would only strike its neighbour if Kyiv or another state provoked it.


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