How To Get Your Writing Discovered In 2021: Online Submissions Made Easy


Inside a writer’s mind, a great written piece begins with a great idea followed by beautiful writing. Lots of it. You write, you edit and then you write some more. The process also includes: a few sleepless nights of doubt followed by a few weeks of introspection, feedback from a group of family and friends and more. After a lot of rework, you manage to create something you are extremely proud of – a story that’s worthy of winning an award or two at least.

The question then becomes – “which platform do I send my work to?” “Do I participate in a contest?” “Will someone pay me to write for them?”

This article attempts to answer all those questions and helps you get discovered among a pool of writers. Read on.

  1. Writing Contests Push You To Produce Your Best Writing: Entering writing contests gives you a chance to flex your writing muscles. The more you write, the more you learn about yourself and your abilities as a writer. Not just that, you get to gain experience writing for contests. With more experience and learning writing techniques you will become better at writing contests and writing in general.
  2. Exposure With The Right People: Every time you participate in a writing contest you are getting your work out there in front of judges. Many of whom are authors, editors, literary agents and publishers.  These are the people who can potentially help you build yourself up in the future as a poet or creative writer. The more professional people from the literary world you get your writing in front of, the more likely you are going to get your writing discovered.
  3. It Builds Confidence, Bit By Bit: Winning an award is considered to be the ultimate recognition of one’s work. Irrespective of the genre one writes in, winning a contest and getting an award is public applause for one’s writing. While your ultimate goal might be a book, winning an award can help you credibility with a publisher / agent too.  Submitting short stories, articles, poems and getting accolades for it can help in creating a reader base and bring in some name and fame. You are also creating a name for yourself. Those who have judged your work will get to know your name as a writer that will be someone to follow. Someone with a bright and shining future as an author.

India’s Next Big Writer is a platform that invites poetry and creative writing entries from participants across genres, spread across cities in India, belonging to different backgrounds and give them a fair, equal platform to showcase their work. They have no limitations on the topic. Within a 1000 word limit, writers can submit any original piece of work: for example, articles, essays, short stories, poetry, quotes and so much more. The following are the rewards:

  1. There will be a total of three winners who will win ₹12,000, ₹10,000 and ₹8,000 respectively.
  2. The winners + a few bonus entries will be published in their home magazine: INBW Select (with a monthly viewership of 5000+ writers and publishers).
  3. All participants will get a guaranteed certificate of participation.

Their second season of competitions is now open for submissions. If you think you have what it takes to become India’s Next Big Writer, participate now: :

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