How can GenZ assist in this dire need of climate change


Bill Gates has continuously been a critic of climate change and even cautioned that if this pandemic is awful, the climate crisis will be even worse and today’s youth i.e. us, will have to bear the consequences of the failure throughout our lifetime. So here are a few things that we as students who are essentially young, dumb, and broke.

  • Delete the unimportant emails.
    Saving the Earth is as easy as clearing your inbox. The mails are stored in huge servers that consume a huge amount of energy and by deleting your spams, you’re decreasing the energy intake.
  • Save money and buy long-lasting products
    It may come as a shock, but buying cheap goods may seem easier and economically friendlier in the short run, but in reality, buying a mid-range product is better for the long haul. Something sustainable will last you almost twice as long as its cheaper version more often than not.
  • Learn a new hobby: gardening
    Not only does growing plants help lower pollution and decrease co₂, but it also calms you down. Plus with all the assignments and tests that we have to submit, it almost feels like a necessity. The friendly bacteria which grow also helps in boosting immunity.
  • Shop locally
    When activists say industries are killing the planet, they actually mean it. Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of the total global emission. And guess what? All those handmade crafts are usually one of a kind.
  • Educate yourselves and the others
    Become more aware of how you can help create awareness. We are more aware of our surroundings than our elders. Join organizations that help save the environment. If not for the environment, do it for your CVs.

    This year we had the oversheet day(the day when humanity has exhausted nature’s budget for the year) on 22 August, almost a month later than the last year. It wasn’t us who took the right steps or conserved resources, but the lockdown which forced us to look at how we were treating our home. We can still clean our home and make it a better place to live in. Better late than never, this climate change isn’t leaving.

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