High summer breaks Delhi’s record, mercury soars to 44.2 degrees

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India is no novice when it comes to recording extreme temperatures, especially the Capital, Delhi, which tapes major heat leaps every year. India is among the tropical countries that have an inborn capacity to tolerate heat waves, facing the equator, being one of the most populated countries, and with crowd mass generates massive humidity. Some of the hotspots of the country are, obviously situated in the great state of Rajasthan like Sri Ganganagar, Phalodi, Churu; Jhansi, Banda, Agra, in Uttar Pradesh; and Vijayawada, Machilipatnam, Kurnool, located in Andhra Pradesh. 

In stating the current scenario in India, Delhi noted the highest temperature this season, set at 44.2 degrees Celsius, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD) Scientist RK Jenamani, the surpassing temperature was recorded at Siri Fort Complex, Delhi. A yellow alert was already issued in the capital, with a forecast prediction of sand storms hitting North India till 29th April. The weather researcher said that the inversion may start to drop down from May 1 or May 2. For many years now, the world is facing an ultimatum regarding climate change, which is concerning and disturbing at the same time, while nature is calm and soothing, such extensive temperatures also convey a harsh reality. 

According to the weather department, Delhi is set to face two extremely hot days, with a presumption that the temperatures might reach 46 degrees in some parts of the City.  Although India has recorded an all-time high measure in the month of April at 45.6 degrees Celsius back in 1941, other parts of India are steaming as well. While Pune sizzles at 41.3 degrees, Mumbai records 38.5 degrees, producing a rise in mercury at the end of the month of April. Not just these two metropolitan towns, there are several other junctions in Maharashtra that have recorded temperatures over 41 degrees. 

The other cities with the boiling points include Shivajinagar at 41.3 degrees, Pashan is set at 41.8, and 41.1 degrees celsius at Lohegaon on Wednesday, as reported by the IMD. The difference between the two points in the rise of mercury is at least 3-4 degrees, in the short span of just a day. According to the sources, Chinchwad reported 42.6 degrees celsius, Malegaon in central Maharashtra reported 43.2 degrees, Bramhapuri set 45.1 degrees to the ground, and Lavale and Magarpatta noted 42 degrees on Wednesday. April is now the warmest month of the year so far, producing a provoking heat front in the pleasant month of April. 

The Government of India has cautioned its citizens about the abrupt release of heat that has been rapidly affecting the nation. The authorities are already troubled with the fires that are breaking out in the forests and jungles of the hilly regions. Not just in the wild, buildings and hospitals are getting erupted with unwanted fire, risking the lives of natives. Many are hoping for the rainy weather to pacify the ongoing heat-stroked days, meanwhile, temperatures are set to get lower in the first week of May. 


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