Foxclues started in a single room & now Shift its Headquarter to Bangalore Prestige Tower


Foxclues is well recognized for its strategic implementation of planning and research in the market industry. It is one of the fastest-growing digital market research companies of India. It is well-reputed in the industry for its stellar algorithms and research analytics that are used for market research through market segregation and sorting to acquire desired results. It is now shifting its headquarters to Prestige Trade Tower, Bangalore.

The journey of Mrinal KJ, the Director of Foxclues who started Foxclues as a startup in a single room in 2018 to one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies of India with its headquarters in Prestige Trade Tower, Bangalore is nothing but inspiring. Numerous people dream of Success and few get to experience it and there are a lot qualities and factors that influence it and it is imperative to say that Mrinal KJ possesses those qualities to have reached a point, where he is now. The first office of Foxclues was in Jalandhar, in 2019 where he had just a handful of people to work and limited funds to afford to pay. But, these situations never blurred his vision and only made his goal clearer and more tempting to achieve. As he used to say, “When people are depended on you, its your responsibility to take care of them”.

With the startup, he started picking every chance that he was able to grab and gave his best to create an impact with digital research and events. Throughout his journey, he affiliated with a lot of brands & giants in India to help them understand their customer base, he helped a lot of people through his self-help books and acquired more than 100+ national and international recognition for his contributions through Foxclues. Hard work, faith and consistency kept him moving even through his hard times and now he was able to establish the headquarters of foxclues in one of the most prestigious and Elite buildings of Bangalore, The Prestige Trade Tower. He congratulated his employees and dedicated this to the efforts of himself & his employees. He further commented that the employees of any organization should be cared about and treated well and this wouldn’t have been possible if his employees didn’t put their maximum efforts, and promised them that all the future business commitments will be fulfilled.

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