Filmmaker Vivek Bhadra selected as Entrepreneur of the Year for ‘Global Business Icons 2021’


With the emergence of Digitization, there has been a tectonic shift in the way people used to consume entertainment. Theatres, as a precautionary measure, were closed during the Pandemic and this gave rise to the OTT platforms. People, largely, started watching movies on OTT platforms using their smartphones, sitting comfortably at their homes.  It’s not just about platforms but the content as well because there was a change in the taste and preference of people. Realistic films, short films, social-centric movies, and web series based on real-life incidents became the people’s choice. Catering to this change, filmmaker Vivek Bhadra incepted Apurnaviram, his own production house. The young filmmaker, for his immense contribution, has been selected for the ‘Global Business Icons 2021’ under the category- ‘Entrepreneur of the Year.’

Envisioned with bringing a change in filmmaking and creating films that are social-centric and are impactful, Vivek Bhadra, in the year 2016, started Apurnaviram, an impeccable film production house. Crediting its diligent efforts, the production house has been able to deliver good returns on every film they have produced and invested in. Backed with investors from diversified fields of businessmen and tycoons, they have been yielding optimum returns across all the genres they take part in.

Hailing from the very small town of Jamnagar in Gujarat, Vivek, through his deep understanding of the process of filmmaking, has carved a niche around himself and created quite a buzz in the Industry. Apurnaviram is focusing on producing theatre shows and inspiring films. The production house under the able leadership of Vivek Bhadra has quite a good track record. With films like ‘Bread’ and ‘Metamorphosis’ which were released on HotStar, Vivek has proved his mettle in the realm of filmmaking. Made under the banner of Apurnaviram, ‘Meri Pyari Rachna’ fared well at the silver screen.

Talking about his journey, and the need for starting his own production house, Vivek Bhadra says, “Movies are one of the most powerful tools to communicate to your audience, to create an ever-lasting powerful impact on them. With changing times, the taste of the audience has changed. Now, no one wants to pay Rs 400-500 for watching anything, people are more inclined towards watching social-centric, realistic, and message-oriented powerful films and this is what I aspire to do through my production house, Apurnaviram. The journey has been full of ups and downs but I always focused on enhancing my skills and creating quality movies and this is what kept me going.

‘Work is Worship’ is what Vivek believes in and this is the reason he always likes to keep himself busy. Currently, the prolific filmmaker, along with his dear friend Raghav Diwan are together working on many projects for the OTT platforms like Sony Liv, Hotstar, Amazon, Jio cinemas, Voot, and many more. Apart from that, the duo has also shot one film in the beautiful city of Kalimpong- ‘Love in Kalimpong’ that has been one of the most prized creations of the filmmakers and the production house combined. Making people aware of the different aspects of society, the filmmaker also produced a short film ‘Ladies First’ with his partner Jigar Gori that focused on the struggles of the women workforce in our country.

Having released 150 shows across the country, Vivek has been successful in achieving a monthly turnover of INR 1.5 Crore with his sharp business acumen and is focusing on growing on a larger scale in India as well as globally.  He is also ready with 55 more topics that will see a release date soon. Being very attached to his native place of Jamnagar, Vivek aspires to launch a movie studio in the city that will produce films that have the power to move people and imbibe in them a feeling to reckon with. Vivek Bhadra’s journey from Jamnagar to Mumbai is a testimony of the fact that if you have the hunger and a vision in you, you can have a positive impact on society through your work. Further, being selected for the ‘Global Business Icons 2021 under the category of ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ proves that he has established himself in the competitive film industry.

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