Festival Of Spring And Fall: Basant Panchami 2022


Basant Panchami which is also known as Vasant Panchami, is an auspicious festival of India. It is celebrated on the first day of spring, the festival is dedicated to Saraswati Maa, who is the goddess of knowledge and music.

According to the astrology the best Muhurat of Puja is from 7 A.M to 12:30 A.M, though there is no special time for performing Saraswati Puja, you can do whenever you want to, Maa will always bless you.

People celebrate the day by wearing yellow outfits. The colour yellow has a lot of significance on this day, it symbolises knowledge and also it portrays mustard fields that are connected with the arrival of spring season.

There are lots of stories behind Saraswati Puja, some people say that Kalidasa was upset by the neglecting from his wife and he decided to commit suicide by drowning himself in a river, and when he was about to do that, Maa Saraswati came out of the water and asked Kalidasa to take a bath in it, afterward his life changed as he got blessed with sagacity and became a great poet.

Another story is based on the Hindu god of love Kama. According to Indian mythology, Kamadeva was once disturbed Lord Shiva’s meditation, and he immersed in deep meditation after his wife Sati’s death. In order to awaken him from the meditation other gods approached Kama Dev, so that Shiva could reconnect with the world and notice Maa Parvati’s efforts for him. Kama Dev agreed and shot bees and flower arrows at Shiva from his bow, afterward, Lord Shiva opened his third eye and burnt Kama Dev to ashes. After Rati’s, who is Kama Dev wife, 40-day penance Shiva agreed to bring him back to life on the day of Basant Panchami. It is said that later Kama Dev was born as son of Lord Krishna, Praduman.

It is celebrated across different states with different traditions like In North India people also fly kites, and in eastern part of the country like West Bengal, it is celebrated as Saraswati Puja, and in Southern states, it is celebrated as Sri Panchami. People celebrate this festival by cooking traditional dishes and performing different pujas.

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