Dr. Lal Tanwani from India sets a World Record for Holding Maximum Degrees by an Individual.

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Education is a Necessity and Not a Luxury, every citizen of this nation should be entitled to get basic education, and those who strive hard and dedicate their lives to the Field of Education become Prof. Dr. Lal Tanwani, who has made India proud by setting a World Record for receiving 11 Educational Degrees Post Graduation. His Degrees include B. Com. in 1991, M.com (Finance) in 1993, B.Ed in 1995, M.Com (Cost Accounts) in 1997, M.A. (Economics) in 2002, M. Phil (Commerce) in 2009, Ph.D. (Commerce), and MBA (Finance) in 2017, Advanced Diploma in Value Education in 2018, D. Litt in 2018 and Ph.D. (Management) in 2019.
Dr. Lal Tanwani is a visionary who aims to take Indian Education to another level as he believes that only a good student can make a better teacher. His core strength is that he starts all his teachings with examples first that sit in the center of his every student’s brain. Some of the low-scoring students have ended up getting above distinction rank with the team efforts of Padma Coaching Classes, managed by Prof. Lal Tanwani. He has been a motivator and career coach to his students resulting in more than thousands of students excelling in all walks of their lives. Dr. Tanwani is M.D Of Padma institute of knowledge and CEO of Padma coaching classes which is also known as the Number 1 commerce coaching classes in Thane District, located in Ulhasnagar.
As Dr. Lal Tanwani tells his tale, he does point out the importance of family support. Describes them as his driving force to work harder, the yards that make a difference.  To put it into perspective, he narrates them to be his pillars of support, marking the chronicles of his life. He does mention them to be, Family, Students, teaching staff and his beloved parents.
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