Director Saptaswa Basu and Actress Maahi Kar spotted at Hills


It is believed that Bengalis have a daunting passion to travel. These last two years of Covid did affect the scenario a little, but these people were eagerly waiting for a scope to pack their bags and spend a holiday somewhere in the mountains, or sea, or forests. Director Saptaswa Basu and Actress Maahi Kar took a trip to the quiet unusual spots of famous haunted houses in Kurseyong Dow Hill. Death Road, Victoria Boys School, Dow Hill Church are worthy to be mentioned among others.

Covid protocol has to be maintained wherever you go now. Kolkata has implemented covid rules even while pandal hopping. This time is an ideal time for a get away, quiet vacation away from crowds of the city. With the end of the Pujo, shooting for a new film directed by Saptaswa Basu and acted by Maahi Kar is all set to begin. This became an opportunity to find a holiday before hectic schedule begins.

Even though Pujo was on, the food in the mountains were simple, quite contrasting to the elaborate meal of the city. It is mostly vegetables and chicken.
But a haunted house doesn’t mean that ghosts will keep jumping out from various corners. Each of these houses have a story of their own. Death Bed has such a fascinating story of its own. It is believed that amongst those misty roads, a dismantled head of a boy lying there.

The entire atmosphere will give you goosebumps and enthrall your heart into the essence of adventure. Each of the tourists shared their experiences of thrill and adventure. The scary atmosphere is not negative to experience. Dow Hill Church was made in the year of 1878 and several experiences cropped up on the playground near the school. Screams can be heard even today.

The word adventure is not only for fun but also has its own baggage. The risks are always there, it can’t be erased easily. Going with an experienced guide enhances the trip and gives a local feel.


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