Delhi government announced that coal shortage may hit state’s power supply


Delhi government made an announcement on Thursday that informed, that two of the five stations from where the state sources power would last only for one or two days. The crises are occurring due to the coal shortage. The state’s power minister Satyendar Jain held an emergency meeting to address the situation and wrote to the center requesting them to provide enough stocks. The state said that if they did not get enough supply then it might lead to power shortages in hospitals and metro trains as well. The Delhi government’s appeal came a day after the national capital’s power demand crossed the 6,000 megawatts (MW) per day mark for the first time in April. However, for the last three years, the peak power demand has been 4,500 megawatts per day. 

The state power minister Satyendar Jain gave a statement saying that “Presently, 25%-30% of the electricity demand in Delhi is being met by five power stations around Delhi, which are facing a coal shortage. These power stations play an important role in preventing blackouts in some parts of Delhi and are also essential in ensuring the continuous supply of electricity to the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), hospitals, and several areas in the summer. The Delhi government has appealed to the Centre to intervene and provide the power plants with an adequate supply of coal to ensure that people in Delhi receive unrestricted 24-hour electricity supply.” 

Jhajjar, Unchahar, Dadri-II, Kahalgaon, and Farakka power plants supply a total of 1,751 MW of electricity per day to Delhi. The Dadri-II power station supplies the maximum power (728 MW) to the state whereas the Unchahar power station supplies a total of 100 MW. According to the sources, the Dadri-II has a day’s worth of coal stock left, the Unchahar has two days of stock left, Khalgaon has three and half days of stock left, five days of stock is left at Farakka and Jhajjar probably has seven to eight days of stock left. 


The government said that they are closely monitoring the situation, they are working on and trying to find every possible way to ensure that the people of the state do not face any power outrages. 



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