Decoding the reality of college life


College tends to be the beginning of a new chapter for each individual in their life. It brings out loads of challenges as well as opportunities in one’s life. Every student eagerly waits for the day when he/she will take admission to a college because during school life they have to remain in proper discipline and they have to adhere to the rules and regulations. In college life individuals can enjoy their best with their friends, they can bunk classes if not in the mood to attend.

It’s not all golden like in the movies

There are two sides of a coin, Similarly in our life also there are two phases i.e expectations and reality. Many of us don’t survive on the real ground, we have one expectation or the other.

There is a great impact on T.V, Newspapers, and social media on our lives even in the case of taking admission to a college. There are immense expectations at the beginning of college life. Various efforts are put to get admitted into our dream colleges and that in the best phase of our life. Every day in college seems to be a day full of fun, few students care about classes. Faculty in college is not at all bothered for you as in school.

Children have expectations that they would be free to dress up in their best outfits and they will not be bound to wear uniforms. There would be no one to scold you for long hair too, but the fact is that you won’t be feeling good or cool when you do it regularly. You would find it a very herculean task when you will think of wearing different dresses daily.

Some students shine in schools whether it is in the arena of sports or studies or else. They are in the good books of all. They expect the same in college also but the truth is that it becomes a very tough task because there are students from across the country. They can be very talented and in that case, one has to be sincere and laborious to come up to that level.

You do not get to choose your ‘family’ here either

One more thing that is important is that students think that the best priority of college life is that they would be staying away from parents and will be in a cool and interruption-free environment and they will be masters of their own. Individuals think that there will be no one to interfere but the reality is that after some time you will not find it interesting as you thought earlier. You can’t enjoy the food, sometimes you would have to face issues with roommates and sometimes homesickness. You will always remember the days spent with family and you will eagerly wait for holidays to meet your family. You may not find understanding humans around as your parents. The time spent with roommates will too remain fresh in your memories ever and ever.

Studying requires efforts here as well

Getting no homework is one of the biggest benefits of college life but the reality side is that studying at last points during exams sucks. Managing academics with dreams and extracurricular always tends to be difficult jobs and tough experiences. Expectations are going out on trips with the gang of your friends but the reality is chilling on Netflix and completing assignments on weekends. Moreover, college brings you many opportunities to enhance your skillset in your preferred field other than academics to make a good name and fame.

But, its actually a golden period

In a nutshell, we can say that expectations are good because they motivate us to do something enthusiastic and energetic, but we should not feel disheartened if we can’t fulfill our expectations. The experiences prepare us for our life ahead. In the beginning, one can find it difficult but sometimes one can learn to cope up with situations. Someone has righty marked “if you expect nothing, you are never disappointed’

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