Cricket Analyst Nekraj Bhartiya shares his analytical knowledge with people

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In India, Cricket has always been a sport that brings people together. Be it a T20 match, ICC Cricket World Cup, or the Indian Premier League, each form of the game rules people’s hearts. Friends, cousins, family members, colleagues, neighbors, etc, everyone sits together and watches the match with enthusiasm. The excitement amongst the cricket lovers starts months before the actual match. They start predicting the teams, the final result, the stadium where the match will be played, etc. Predictions about these matches are done by many people but there are some experts in this field known as Cricket Analysts. With their strategic thinking and data-based analysis, they predict the forthcoming matches. One such talented cricket analyst is Nekraj Bhartiya.

With his expertise in the field, Nekraj launched a portal where he provides people with free predictions and tips about the upcoming cricket matches. On the website, there are daily cricket analysis, match winner predictions, toss & season tips for all matches. The best thing is that all these tips are free and have the best accuracy in the market. Apart from these, the website also has numerous secret cricket tips that are the result of Nekraj Bharitya’s expert analysis skills.

Talking about his credibility and his accuracy regarding the predictions, Nekraj Bhartiya stated, “I feel like all these years of experience have made my thinking more analytical and strategic. Now with my calculations and data analysis skills, fortunately 99 percent of my estimations turn out to be right. I make sure to share the best tips with people and for that, I put in sheer hard work and dedication in making predictions. I think that in the coming future also I will put my best to share the one of the kind knowledge with people and will continue helping them with tips and tricks.”

With his skills and passion, cricket analyst Nekraj Bhartiya has been making a name for himself in the industry. Not only does he look after his website but apart from that, he also has a YouTube channel and Instagram page where he posts his expert tips and predictions. If you are someone who loves to watch cricket and make predictions about upcoming matches then you should definitely check out’s website and Nekraj Bhartiya’s Instagram handle.

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