China’s ZTE and Huawei to be banned from Canada’s 5G networks

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With the motive to protect national security, the Canadian government stated on Thursday that Huawei and ZTE, the two Chinese telecommunications companies, will be banned from its fifth-generation (5G) infrastructure. The Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry, François-Philippe Champagne gave a statement revealing the ban. He said “Today, the Government of Canada is ensuring the long-term safety of our telecommunications infrastructure. As part of that, the government intends to prohibit the inclusion of Huawei and ZTE products and services in Canada’s telecommunications systems.”


According to him, the decision was made after a review by Canadian security agencies and consultation with the country’s closest allies. As a result, now the telecommunication businesses in Canada would no longer be allowed to use designated Huawei and ZTE equipment or services. Also, the companies that already have this equipment in their networks will be ordered to stop using it and remove it. Canada was the last country in the Five Eyes group to announce a ban or limit on Huawei. 


A statement that was given by  Champagne’s department, innovation, science, and economic development Canada revealed that “Given the greater interconnectedness and interdependence of 5G networks, a breach or exploitation in this environment would have a more significant impact on the safety and security of Canadians and Canadian critical infrastructure than in previous network generations.”


Further, the statement disclosed that “The Government of Canada has serious concerns about suppliers such as Huawei and ZTE who may be compelled to comply with extrajudicial directions from foreign governments in ways that would conflict with Canadian laws or be detrimental to Canadian interests.” 


Huawei and ZTE will be forbidden from using new 5G equipment and managed services, and existing 5G equipment and services will be removed or terminated by June 28, 2024. The same rules will apply to 4G and, the deadline will be December 31, 2027. However, by September 1, 2022, the telecom service providers are expected to stop buying equipment and services from these companies.

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