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Dressing sense speaks volumes of one’s character and personality. From mood-enhancing colors to floor breezing borders and silky fabrics, the dresses are not only high-impact pieces but also are also unceasingly wearable. The kind of dresses one chooses either jazz the personality or tone it down. It says a lot about how the person is, where they’re from, what they do, and how they feel about themselves and others. How one dresses is one of the leading ways that sends social signals because what one puts on reveals their identity. One such brand that enhances one’s personality with its hand-picked product is Chavi Fashion. The beautifully printed ethnic dresses adorned with fine silk make the brand exceptional.


The company dates back to the year 1980 when hand block printing, known for its exotic designs in vibrant colors on fabric, was in trend. The artisans belonging to these families work under Chavi Fashion and prepare a soothing palette that looks trendy and is in an up-to-date fashion. These craftsmen travel from state to state to conduct exhibitions and sell their art. But not many days back, they have marked their presence on the online platforms as well. The online selling platform of Chavi Fashion is overwhelmed by choice and is helping clients build wardrobes they love.


The founder talking about the firm said, “We prepare unique ethnic garbs from materials that are especially hand-picked by our artisans because we believe clothes symbolize one’s personality transparently. It can be used both for deception and expression and can also help to disguise and deceit people. Not only appearance but we make sure to give the most comfortable feel while wearing it. Chavi Fashion has also launched its online platform which provides a variety of options to choose from. Our mission is to deliver smiles to the people through our brand as clothes decide the mood of the person.”


The brand provides enticing and exclusive attire directly from artisans to the consumer. The ethic brand is connected to various villages in Rajasthan like Bagru, Sanganer, Kota, Bikaner, Sikar, and many more to deliver traditional handmade and curated clothes to its shoppers. Chavi Fashion employs more than 2000 artisans and has conducted around 100 workshops to train and make people aware of their products. Having affordable rates, the company delivers its products without any extra charges all over India. It also gives their customers to first check and then pay with cash on delivery available at all products.


Chavi Fashion caters to a plethora of collections, a few to mention are Cotton Suit sets, Maheshwari Silk sets, Kota Doria Dupatta Suit sets, Mulmul Dupatta Suit sets, and many others. One can easily shop the products online via visiting their website. The online website also has a subscription attached to it by which one will get notified about the product discounts, special offers as well as the company news. The most affordable handpicked fashion brand is at the doorstep just with a single click.


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