Author Karthik C pushes the boundary of creativity


Writing has been always been a difficult skill to master. In the age where Instagram stories have reduced the collective attention span of the public to mere seconds, it is indeed difficult to hook people into reading a bulky book printed in black and white with no music and celebrities to keep them company. This is the challenge that Karthik C, a passionate author from Bangalore loves to tackle. He sternly believes that if there is good content, then there will be readers. What gives him the pleasure as a writer is the research involved with it and the subtle art of worldbuilding and the nuance of infusing life into his characters.

Author Karthik C
Author Karthik C

With a Master’s in Microbiology, he shuffles a busy career as a Vigilance Manager in a Big Pharma to deal his hand at writing. With an overactive mind, it is quite natural to have overarching plots springing up at odd times as he could usually be found tapping furiously at his keyboard at late hours. He has published myriad short stories and critical awareness articles and his corporate and personal blogs have won him numerous awards and accolades. His love for the written word is apparent with his modest library and his diligent and eloquent writing proved fruitful as two of his books were published last year.
Codename: SPECTER, a fast spy thriller was published in January 2021. It is a tale of vengeance by a dead soldier and a depressed journalist with pride and love at stake as the readers juggernaut from the beautiful yet bloodied valleys of Kashmir, the torrid shores of Karachi, the seedy underbelly of Dubai and treacherous deserts of Afghanistan, culminating in a race against time to safeguard humanity.
His most recent release, The Ulysses Pact was traditionally published in August 2021. The novel is a psychological thriller filled with a persuasive prose and a stirring plot of second chances and thrilling characters. The story is cryptic as is evident right from the dedication section as the readers will have to guess to whom it is dedicated as it is a riddle written in the form of an acrostic. It is a story of an intrepid psychiatrist from the valley, who uses five of his patients as pawns to play in a deadly game where they enter a Big Boss-esque house of death. The debauched ‘reality show’ is streamed live in the deep bowels of the darknet where delinquents bet on the horrid lives of miserable people. Each of the five carry their own secrets which when revealed can threaten their own reality: an egotistical writer who pushes the boundary of creativity to a point of no return; a man haunted by a shadow as the mystery of a murder unravels; an unbridled love story of a hopeless romantic; a tale of spies, cries and sacrifice; and a psychological reflection filled with suspense and intrigue. Both of these titles are available at all leading e-commerce sites, get your copy today.


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