Arshad Jamal Siddiqui offers free laptops to underprivileged students

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Political Leader, Arshad Jamal Siddiqui will distribute free laptops to meritorious students to boost their confidence. The event will take place in the month of March under the leadership of the Samajwadi Party. This initiative was taken to uplift the standard of society and provide the students with the opportunity to embark on their footprint in the professional world. Apart from this, the social reformer is providing free education to all lower-middle-class students who have the potential to make a name for themselves in the industry through their intellectual and diligent efforts.

From supporting the medical expenditures to funding the deserving students, Arshad Jamal Siddiqui is doing everything in his capacity. Apart from that, the leader adheres to the belief that all religions are equal and should be treated equally. With this in mind, Arshad Jamal Siddiqui has annually sponsored Bhagwat Pooja and Ram Leela.

The social reformer is also working on his dream project to establish AMTUNNA BANU (BADI MAA), a hospital where every lower-middle-class person who can’t afford other medical bills will be treated for free, and thousands of meritorious medical students from Uttar Pradesh will be placed. He is also financing funerals and other rites for the poor and middle classes who cannot afford to pay for themselves. 

Talking about the event, Arshad Jamal Siddiqui says, “I am distributing free laptops to merit students to help them achieve great milestones in life.” He further says, “I believe that a 

politician’s position, power, and authority should not be utilized for nefarious purposes but rather politicians should work towards the growth of the nation. Without proper education, no one can get to the top and make a name for themselves in the professional world. Because education is so important to the advancement and betterment of the lives of students, it should always be a top priority. Knowing that education is critical to the nation’s development, I have been working tirelessly to offer strong education facilities that enable students to raise their standards and become role models for millions of others.”

Arshad Jamal Siddiqui has been striving and putting forth his best effort to combat injustice and promote equality. With his cycle rally, the leader is drawing attention to his campaign and is disseminating his message to the general public. With his tireless efforts and progressive vision, Arshad Jamal Siddiqui is following in his father Jamaludeen Siddiqui’s footsteps and trying to empower the youth of Uttar Pradesh by providing them with the greatest educational facilities and excellent services.

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