Army decides to introduce new combat Army uniform for officers and troops

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The Army is planning to introduce a new digital pattern combat uniform for the officers and men from next year. The new regular uniform will be different from the olives that are in use now. According to the sources, the uniform will be a mixture of colours entailing olive and earthen. The Army headquarters has finalised the uniform and will be displayed at the Army Day Parade on 15 January 2022 in the national capital.

The standard uniform for combat is formally known as camouflages or battle dress uniforms. Army officers’ uniforms are camouflaged in colours like shades of green or brown that easily blend in with the background or in a disruptive pattern that the Indian Navy and certain central armed police forces wear.

The new uniform has been shortlisted after deep research on various uniforms worn by major Armies across the world and thus the Army uniform will be rolled out next year which will be catering to both the officers and men. 

The army is also expecting to change the regular olive army uniform. Till now, there is no final conclusion made. According to the sources, different coloured pants and shirts are being considered for their new uniform attire. 

Sources said that the new combat uniform is considered to be made out of “lighter but sturdy material”, which will be feasible for both the winter and summer seasons. No tucking in of shirts will be considered and the current style will not be taken into consideration if talking about the new combat Army uniform.  

“The uniform has been selected keeping the comfort of the soldier in combat in mind,” a source said, adding that a need to change the uniform has been felt for a long time, keeping modern warfare in mind.

Having more than the count of 13 lakh troops on its roll, it will take time to provide the whole Army with the new combat uniform. Further, the authorities are also thinking about making changes in the present olive green regular uniform that is worn by the troops and officers. 

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