Aparnaa Jadhav’s first book “Paradise Sucked” is a must  read for women who are currently dealing with separation


A budding author with a warm heart and a strong voice, Aparnaa Jadhav, is on her way to inspire people with her words and actions. Her life experiences have taught her many valuable lessons and she plans to use them well. 

Aparnaa Jadhav's first book "Paradise Sucked"
Aparnaa Jadhav’s first book “Paradise Sucked

Paradise Sucked is Aparnaa’s first book. Are you going through a separation or divorce? 

Do you feel scared, clueless, hurt? Are you finding it difficult to handle your finances? 

Has your self-esteem taken an all-time hit? If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then you should pick up a copy of this book.

This is the story of Anika, an adorable Indian lady and her struggle to be an independent single mom. On this journey, while dealing with her pain, fears, disappointments and failures, she learns the most important lesson ever taught! She learns to love herself.

As Anika seeks her destiny, she struggles to transform herself into a lady who is physically, financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually independent. The underlying theme is a beautiful and different love story between Anika and Ekaansh. It’s interesting to see their relationship and how their love shows us, what pure love is and how it becomes Anika’s strength through it all. 

Paradise Sucked is an engrossing tale about the sheer grit, courage, and love of a woman.

Beautifully woven with the practical tips to help, Aparnaa Jadhav brings an intense story that tugs at the heartstrings with insight and love. The book has practical steps you can take. It shows you, how, just a simple change of thought and attitude, can make this world a beautiful place for you again. Read the book to know the importance of empowering yourself, to be independent and take the reins of your life in your hands. The book comes with a free e-book which can form a base for financial guidance if anyone requires it. Upon purchase of the book, you can visit her website to download the same.

The book is a must – read for women who are currently dealing with separation or divorce and their families. Men who care enough about the women in their life, must also go through this book, just to know that empowering women in your life, goes a long way.

In Aparnaa’s words, “Empower yourself, take the reins of your life in your hands and live life to the fullest. After all, we have just one life. So make your dreams come true, be bold. I promise, someday, you will look back and tell your story with pride.”

A single mom, she resides in Mumbai with her mom and daughter Khushi. With a desire to show her gratitude towards the World, she supports several social causes. Khushi is often a part of all she does, including taking part in the social causes. Aparnaa plans to do as much as she can to raise awareness through different mediums. Keep Watching.. She has several plans to surprise you and do her bit in this world!



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