Ankush Tiwari releases second poetry book, unveils blastoff on Koo App


Books and any form of literature is something that provides people with much-needed calm in this chaotic world. Writers are a boon to our society, who guide people through life and share their deepest concerns, all via a few words. One such renowned entrepreneur and an acclaimed artist, Ankush Tiwari, the founder of Global Savian Consulting LLP, is all set to republish his second book, “Hadon ke paar bhi ek duniya hai”, with a premier launch on the Koo application which is a novel Indian microblogging platform that has become the voice for millions of Indians on social media. From being a poet and founder of a leading IT start-up, Ankush Tiwari has also composed two books and performed in more than 100 shows across India.

Hobbies turn into passion often, and when someone practises their passion to achieve perfection, they are bound to become successful. Ankush Tiwari followed his passion and turned his achievements into a desire for reading, writing, and creating a spell of accomplishments in the Hindi as well as Urdu poetries arena. Ankush’s second book is on the way to hitting the stores. “Hadon Ke Paar Bhi Ek Duniya Hai” is the ultimate Hindustani poetry book that is a must-read. It is a collection of traditional Indian ‘Kavitayein’, which has different forms of poetry describing several emotions.

This book is inspired by Ankush’s keen interest in reading since he was a child. He has spent days being by himself and falling victim to bullying in his school life, he grew up admiring reading and learning from books that became his friends. After being socially uneasy, he decided to stay in the periphery of his comfort zone without opening up to anyone and never let anyone enter his personal space. However,  the charm began when he started scribbling his feelings, adherences, and ideations on a piece of paper. He also shared insights about his life journey which was never leisurely. According to him, it was the most vulnerable part of his life but despite numerous setbacks, zero financial support, or no Godfather over his head, he never gave up on his goals.

In describing the book, one of the most liked and appreciated verses from the content of the  “Hadon ke paar bhi ek duniya hai” are,

(translated into English)

There is a world beyond limits
Just want to settle down there
With the scent of harmony
Decorated with moonlight
Where the depth of the earth is the depth of the sky
That matters more than the height of anything
Where the drops of rain fall in everyone’s yard
Where humanity isn’t harmed in the name of religion
where women are safe and worshipped out of respect

These verses in the poem express deep emotions that value the feelings of people who are alone. When asked about the ideology behind the book, Ankush Tiwari said, “There is a feeling of incompleteness which revolves around my head all the time that gradually makes me weaker and restless. When I write down any piece of poetry, I feel calm and composed, and more alive. I believe writing is the only reason I live happily, and that’s what keeps me up every night.” When asked about his favorite poets, he said, “There are many legendary poets who I appreciate but in particular- Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Majaz, Nirala, etc are on the top of my list,” he further added.

Ankush thinks that winning might not be the final destination in every scenario of life but the willpower to not give up, even if all the odds are against you, is what makes you great. He believes that the only reason he has reached this stage of life is because of the sole mantra and lessons he has learned while struggling in his early life. Ankush Tiwari is a famous entrepreneur who writes uniquely crafted books and gives his hundred percent to every project. Writers are artists, and they depict their pain, agony, and experiences via their scripts. Once you read their work you will comprehend what they have been through. Hence, it is a majestic piece of mastery. Ankush Tiwari is currently working on his upcoming project which is a Hindi novel and is anticipated to be published next year.


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