Air Quality Management commission ETF orders for immediate closure of 228 numbers of units / site


Rigorous inspections in units in the NCR, across air pollution contributing sectors, continue unabated through 40 Flying Squads constituted by the Commission , 1215 no. of cumulative inspections carried out till 7th December.

Rigorous inspections in units in the NCR, across air pollution contributing sectors, continue through 40 Flying Squads constituted by the Commission. Enforcement Task Force (ETF) of the Commission is reviewing the field level action and inspection reports of the Flying Squads on a daily basis.

Flying Squads particularly check for compliance in respect of various directions and orders issued by the Commission from time to time towards abatement of air pollution, particularly for measures to be taken for the critical winter months, including related statutory environmental rules / regulations and guidelines issued by the agencies concerned in the Central and State Governments.

General compliance levels reported to be satisfactory and improving over the days.  However, serious violations still being reported across sectors; majorly in Industrial units, Construction & Demolition project sites, use of Diesel Generator Sets in industrial installation/ commercial complexes and residential set ups.

In geographical terms, such gross violations have been reported across the respective jurisdictions in the National Capital Region, with 38, 48, 104 and 38 cases reported from NCT of Delhi and NCR Districts of Haryana, UP and Rajasthan respectively.

The Enforcement Task Force (ETF) after deliberations and detailed screening of the non-conformities / non compliances recorded in the inspection reports, decide for immediate closure of such units, to prevent any further deterioration of air quality, as also a signal to act as a strong deterrent for violators of environmental norms.

In respect of 1215 no. of cumulative inspections carried out till 7th December, 2021, gross violations of Directions/ Orders of the Commission and non-adherence of prescribed norms has been reported from 228 number of units / sites across various sectors. Of these, closures have been identified for 128 No. of Industries, 58 C&D Project sites and 42 Commercial / residential complexes operating on DG Sets.

Not only the closure orders have been issued in respect of the grossly violating units, the Flying Squads have further verified physical closure of operations and 111 No. of such units have so far been physically closed down, till further orders from the Commission.

Source: Press Information Bureau

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