AI- based Tiny Chef platform making cooking super easy and fun

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Pandemic-induced lockdown engendered many difficulties that were hard to deal with and cooking was one of them. With the increasing pressure of workload, it has become extremely back-breaking to accommodate personal life alongside professional commitments. Therefore, to ease the path of the individuals as a whole, Tiny chef an AI-based platform was introduced among the masses to reduce their kitchen time up to 6 hours per week. This AI-based cooking platform not only suggests recipes but also helps users to purchase groceries and plan meals according to their nutritional needs, their dietary preferences, and existing items in the kitchen. 

Your eating habits determine your work progress. Neglecting a healthy eating lifestyle and going for junk meals ultimately influences everything. It breaks your physical strength and ruins your mental ability to work for longer hours and meet work deadlines. Keeping this in mind Bahubali Shete, along with wife Asha Shete and eminent chef Sanjeev Kapoor launched an AI-Integrated voice-first cooking platform that will guide you in each step and make your cooking journey effortless and beautiful. 

Tiny Chef will assist you in discovering your favorite dishes, planning your meals, shopping for products, and indulging in voice platform cooking making your professional and personal life compatible. “I have always tried to impact kitchens in India and across the world with simple and healthier recipes and tips that households appreciate. I am looking forward to seeing kitchens across the world get even simpler with the remarkable brand ‘Tiny Chef’ Sanjeev Kapoor said”.

In the pandemic, everyone is bound to the four walls- cooking more than they ever had before. We recognized that with people shifting back to home-cooked meals again it is the best time to give them access to our platform. The Tiny Chef experience now begins with Tiny Chef. The app is available in the Google Play Store and soon it will also be in an ios version.        

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