Aarna Wadhawan -An Ascendent of the Chipko Movement


Aarna Wadhawan is an Environmentalist, Animal lover and International public speaker. She has planted 5930 trees along with her environmentalist army in Delhi, Jaipur and Haryana.She is the President of MENTORx Youth Environmentalist Club and children all over the world have joined her to support her cause. She has been featured on Global resilience partnership and in UNESCO. Aarna has also supported the protection and ethical treatment of animals.
For her remarkable efforts she has been appreciated by PeTA India with the Kind student award 2021. She has been appreciated by many people around the world. In India, people often call her “Prakriti ki beti” (Nature’s daughter). She has recently presented her ideas as a guest speaker in an international webinar on sustainability and biodiversity of the mountain areas organised by World environment council. She has always supported Chipko Movement.Her struggle to save the environment is constant and shall continue in accordance with the ideals of the Chipko Movement. She states-“The Chipko Movement is a remarkable lesson to all people around the world. We should be inspired by it and take action in accordance to its principles.”
Aarna Wadhawan, a 13-year-old little girl, has set an example for others by becoming the brand ambassador of a global brand, Hover Robotix, at such a young age. Aarna is a multi talented girl and sings very well. Her melodious voice has touched  many hearts.She had made a difference with her social work at an age when youngsters are observed playing and wandering around the world of entertainment.
During the Corona time, when all the children were confined to their homes, Aarna noticed that people’s oxygen levels were significantly lowering, making them vulnerable to various heart and lung problems. Aarna began growing plants around her house after realising the importance of tree plantation and the need to boost oxygen naturally. As a result of her presence, more children began to assist in the plantation. Aarna has planted many trees and trying her best to help minimise pollution. Because of this success, Padmashree Jadav Payeng ji, popularly known as India’s Forest Man, praised the kid on Republic Day, January 26, 2021, and encouraged others to join her in her cause. She has received many praises and awards from various Non government organisations. She has helped many underprivileged kids by providing them helping hand where ever required . She says “Together can and we will make a difference. “

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