Dr Anil Kumar successfully paves way in International Agro-Market via ‘Ankita Overseas’


‘A dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.’ making this quote his life mantra, Anil Kumar, the CEO & Chairman of the Ankita Groups of Companies, has always been determined to work towards his dreams. Anil Kumar’s life journey is a story that inspires others, gives them motivation, and boosts their confidence. From being a middle-class person to being the CEO & chairman of a company that deals in international trading and manufacturing various products like agro, healthcare, and grocery, the self-made millionaire’s story encourages people to make it big in life.

Ankita Overseas is a company that is an exporter, importer, and supplier of a wide range of agro products like rice, foxnuts, lychee, etc. The company has been making a name for itself in the Agro business and has been expanding its horizons by supplying premium quality products. These products are sold all over the world in nearly 43 varieties. The company’s agro-food products reach people in numerous countries and continents, including Africa, the USA, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and many more.

This entrepreneur took a risk and chose to become an entrepreneur instead of a stable job, but his risk was worth it. While running his Pharmaceuticals Company, Dr. Kumar came across the farmers’ struggles; he noticed that the farmers were being paid less amount for their crops, and it was very unfair to them. This made him think about it, and he decided to set an objective to ease things for farmers. However, the journey to success was not an easy one, Dr. Kumar and his wife, Mrs. Dr. Namita Anil, decided to set up Ankita Overseas in the year 2004 in Delhi, but they had zero capital. Plus, they had to deal with a lack of basic infrastructure and logistics crucial for any business. Still, a turning point came in his business when he traveled to Africa and cracked a deal worth $5000 for exporting a range of indigenous products to the continent.

Talking about his journey and company, Dr. Anil Kumar shares, “The journey was not easy, but I’m glad that I did not give up. At the moment, the annual turnover of Ankita overseas is $30 million, and we are exporting products to nearly 18 countries. My ultimate motive is to make a name for the company in the international market and to make it one of the largest exporters of organic products. I also want to create better employment opportunities for youth and earn maximum foreign currency for India. “

From the very beginning, Dr. Anil Kumar had the zeal to help others; no matter if he had thousands of funds or hardly any funds, he would make sure to help those in need. Dr. Kumar also runs an NGO name Maheshwar Laxmi Memorial Foundation; the goal of this NGO is to educate and empower Indian women. They teach them various subjects and provide them with skill training to live a life they deserve without being dependent on anyone. Also, he looks after the war widows, disabled, and retired defense personnel; he provides them with various amenities, including their resettlement, helping them find jobs, providing them knowledge about various government schemes, etc. His list of contributions to society does not end here, Dr. Anil Kumar has financially supported more than 150 poor families in Bihar and has helped them to marry off their daughters. He made sure to help everyone thus he has also set up a school for differently-abled children in Bareilly.  Even when the world was hit by the global pandemic and people were stuck away from their homes, Dr. Anil made sure to lend his support and helped migrants to reach their destined places.

The virtuoso efforts, struggles, and contributions are a learning lesson for all of us, and one should be like him to become a renowned personality in their realm.





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